Air pollution
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Air Pollution. By Makai, David, Griffin, Fiyin and Morgan. The earth’s air cycle.

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Air pollution

Air Pollution

By Makai, David, Griffin, Fiyin and Morgan

The earth s air cycle
The earth’s air cycle

  • The air is always moving around the earth. As it moves it absorbs water from lakes, rivers and oceans and picks up soil from land. It also moves pollutants in the air. Then water falls from clouds that form in the air. Pollutants and small particles of soil are carried with it to the ground. Next plants use carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis and release oxygen. They take in water and pollutants carried in the air. Lastly, people and animals breathe in the air. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

Acid rain
Acid Rain

  • Acid rain forms when sulfur oxides and nitrogen mixes with the water that vapors in the air. Wind moves the air, acid rain can fall hundreds of miles from its surface.

Harmful effects of acid rain

Harmful Effectsof Acid Rain

Acid rain can make lakes so acidic that plants and animals can’t live in the water.acid rain can’t harm people but they can harm forest and wildlife. Forest can be harmed when nutrients are drained out of the soil by the acid rain.

After 61 years, acid rain has wiped the details off this statue.

How to keep the air clean

How to Keep The Air Clean

There are many ways to keep the air clean. For example, instead of driving a car all of the time you should walk or even ride a bike. Also avoid wasting water and gasoline. You can also plant trees. Trees help clear the air of gases such as sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide.


  • As you can see air pollution is a serious problem.But we can help decrease air pollution by doing simple things like walking instead of driving and even planting trees to help the air and improve the environment.