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MFM Mauritania Fish Meal Sarl PowerPoint Presentation
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MFM Mauritania Fish Meal Sarl

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MFM Mauritania Fish Meal Sarl - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MFM Mauritania Fish Meal Sarl. Nouadhibou. Localisation:. The coastal City, Nouadhibou in North of Mauritania. According to FAO is the Mauritanian fishing zone one of the worlds richest fishing banks. Mauritania has a 780 km long coastline. MFM has obtain:.

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  • The coastal City, Nouadhibou in North of Mauritania.
  • According to FAO is the Mauritanian fishing zone one of the worlds richest fishing banks.
  • Mauritania has a 780 km long coastline.
mfm has obtain
MFM has obtain:

1) Unlimited fishing rigths of pelagic species for production of fish meal and fish oil.

2) Complete production approval for process fish for fish meal and fish oil production.

3) 17.100 M2 land, 20 meters from beach, with 178 meters long border to the beach.

4) Complete and ready building permission.

5) Approval for building own harbour for intake of fish and equipment and export of ready products. Approval to build a "Pir" out to the 8 meter draft.

6) The land is Tax free zone and have its own custom service office for services only to MFM and MFM partners who operates at the land.

7) Production approval for Canned and frozen fish for human consumption and fishing net production. 

mfm is in lack of and or need to complete
MFM is in lack of and/or need to complete:
  • Competence management for produce high quality fish oil and fish meal effectively.
  • Industrial and management experience in the fish meal field to be a world top supplier.
  • Capital partner to be able to invest in a high quality, modern, effectively producing facility.
  • Fishing vessels/trawlers which can fish when it is dark, high waves and strong winds. This is a complement to the armada of local traditional Pirogues.
what offers mfm to its joint venture partner
What offers MFM to its Joint Venture partner:

1. Ready and fully paid unlimited, production approvals and fishing approval. (Vessels/Trawlers has to pay a licence fee to Ministery of Fishing)

2. Ready and fully paid land area with building permits.

3. Tax free operation minimum 5 year.

4. Free capital movements.

5. Co-operation based at international business law (US or EU) with jurisdiction in country choose of joint venture partner and/or external financial institutions.

what mfm expect of a joint venture partner
What MFM expect of a Joint Venture partner.

1. Strong participation with production, technical and industrial management competence.

2. Market and customer competence, service and experience.

3. Ambition to be a world top fish meal and fish oil producer, related to product quality, security and environmental responsibility. Ambition to successively devellop a production unit with a minimum capacity of 2000 Mt ready products per month. (MFM quantity goal is 6-8000 Mt ready products per month.)

4. Capital strengthens in the investment stage.

co operating forms and alternatives
Co-operating forms and alternatives.

a) Creation of a joint venture company operating with MFM´s production and tax free approval at MFM´s land.

b) Independent company owned by the partner/investor there the partner/investor makes his own investment with a long lease land agreement and a royalty agreement with MFM.

mfm juridical status
MFM Juridical status.

Mauritanian Fish Meal Sarl (MFM) is a Mauritanian company, owned by Mauritanian and Scandinavian parties. (54% Mauritanian and 46 % Scandinavian) Agreed but not formalized.

MFM is the owner of land, fishing and production approval, free point agreement (Free zone agreement) and approval for building and operating an import and export harbour attached to the owned land area.

  • Mauritania is a republic, international recognised as democracy, also by EU.
  • Arabic and French is the official languages.
  • Religion: Islamic
  • Area: 1.030 km2
  • Population: app. 3.200.000
Due to international statistic is Mauritania one of the 10 countries in the world with lowest crime rate.
  • Scandinavian and foreigners living in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou consider the country as extremely quiet and safe in regards to personal security.
nouadhibou mauritania offer
Nouadhibou/Mauritania offer:

1) Huge and strong pelagic fish resources to a cheap and relatively fixed price level. Sardinella aurita Max 85 US/Mt and Sardinella ‘Oba’ (less oily) around 60-70 US/Mt.

2) Cheap workforce.

3) Existing infrastructur (Export harbour and laboratory accepted for control and issue healt certificats as per EU regulation 2002/1774 for fishing operations,export of fish, seafood and marine products like fish meal and fish oil.

and more
And more…

6. Cheap raw material and work force.

7. Local juridical and political security for the joint venture partners.

8. All eventual trouble shooting and contacts with local political or other local organisations related to "problems".

9. Risk Sharing and maximal risk elimination for the joint investment.

10. Participation wih formal securities to 3th party financier.