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Pre wedding glowing skin tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Getting the perfect glowing skin is all we wish for our D- Day!! Find out some wonderful tips to help you in having the lovely glowing skin for your special Day!!

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Pre wedding glowing skin tips

Pre Wedding

Glowing Skin Tips

Pre wedding glowing skin tips


What you eat reflects on your face. So pay attention to your diet to get the flawless skin for your big day. Include sources of zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, C & E or simply sign up for glowing skin diet plan.

Pre wedding glowing skin tips


You need a natural glow to feel like the princess you are. Water will help you get rid of the toxins in your body and it will reflect through the freshness of your face. 12-15 glasses of the fluid will do the needful!

Pre wedding glowing skin tips


Heard of beauty sleep? This is the perfect time to apply it! Make sure you make space for a 6-8 hour sleep amidst the shopping and parlour sessions!

Pre wedding glowing skin tips


The dirt and pollution your skin is facing after the long shopping expeditions for D day is damaging your skin. Wash it twice , exfoliate it and apply moisturizer to keep it healthy and glowing!

Pre wedding glowing skin tips


Yes, it will get you the perfect body you want to step into the new world. But, it will do wonders to your skin as well by increasing blood flow to it. After the beauty sleep, an hour long workout will get you the rewards!

Pre wedding glowing skin tips


Ugghh! The necessary evil, hormones can play havoc on your skin. The raging hormones can blow away your natural glow. Make sure you consult a endocrinologist to manage them and enhance your natural beauty!

Pre wedding glowing skin tips


Whether the arrangements will be as per your taste? Will I look the best? These questions are stressing you out, aren't they? Yoga and breathing exercises are the best bet to burst the wedding stress and look fresh!

Pre wedding glowing skin tips

Sun Tan

Going out in the sun for shopping will be a regular ritual, something that you cannot avoid. Tanning from the sun will ruin your look on the wedding day and we don't want that. Use sun protection that suits you best to avoid this situation!

Pre wedding glowing skin tips

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