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Philly Four11

Philly Four11

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Philly Four11

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  1. Philly Four11 An Infoweb Made By: Jacki Bigas Jen Reardon Kylie Patterson Niki Warncke Steph Reyes

  2. Provide some sort of go-to guide for Temple freshmen, transfers, and students from out of state who aren’t familiar with the area Information about the best Restaurants Museums Music venues Shops Movie theaters Philly Four11

  3. Philly Music By Jacki Bigas • Philadelphia is undoubtedly an amazing city. It is a cultural, artistic, and musical centered place, with many venues to explore and entice all your musical senses.

  4. My Webpage • Although there are countless venues, bars, and hotspots around the city that house and showcase music, I choose to focus on four popular places. The TLA The Electric Factory The Trocadero The First Unitarian Church

  5. Features on My Webpage • Each music venue has its own link and page. • Some important features include: - A brief description of the venue - A list of upcoming shows and dates - The location of each venue, including a link to Google Maps, to help you get there easier - Links to the venues official pages and links to, where show times can be found and tickets can be easily bought online.

  6. Multimedia on My Webpage • Music is a very interactive and visual art, and by using multimedia on all pages of Philly Music, I incorporated that. • Multimedia Includes: - Photo slideshow depicting various scenes of Philadelphia and the music halls. - Video of various bands and artists performing at the respective venues taken by actual patrons. Watch and get a feel of what a live concert there would feel like!

  7. Philly FoodBy Kylie Patterson • Philadelphia is a premiere place to indulge your taste buds and explore different types of cuisine. • On my pages I discussed some of the most well known and prestigious restaurants in the city, as well as some of the best places to get a Philly original; the cheese steak.

  8. Best Food In Town Red Sky Both a lounge and a restaurant, Red Sky offers food so fresh, your taste buds will explode. With a very sensual ambiance, red lighting sets the mood for this hip social hot spot. Come with your friends or someone special. Tangerine A popular place to get some of the most innovative and inspired foods around. The foods are seasonal and the menu is always changing. Expect to try something new every time you come! The staff and waiters are very helpful in helping you order, and the Chefs Special, which changes daily, is guaranteed to please. Cuba Libre One of the few prestigious restaurants featuring Spanish Cuisine, Cuba Libre offers exhilarating and spicy foods true to its title. Located in the heart of Old City, it offers authentic Spanish food such as “papas fritas” “ropa viajo” and “tomales”. The atmosphere is purely Cuban. Come and enjoy a great meal, just as you would in Havana!

  9. Philly Originals The Philadelphia Cheese Steak is a staple for the City. Here are a few local establishments where you can get the best cheese steaks around. Pat’s & Geno’s The rivalry between these two South Philly steakhouses has become the stuff of legends around Philadelphia. The food offered here is authentically Philadelphian and no matter which eatery you prefer, you will always be satisfied. There is nothing that goes together better than Philly and the Philly Cheese Steak!! Jim’s Steaks Located on the popular tourist section of South Street Jim’s has been considered more of a tourist trap than a place to get authentic Philly-made cheese steaks. Although the food they serve is good, the lines are usually ridiculously long and the authentic mom and pop Philly Steak shops are the best place to go for a good cheese steak.

  10. Are you Hungary? • Restaurant logo’s link to their pages • Rivalry link, further explaining the rivalry • A midi file to please your ears • External links to Mapquest and Septa

  11. Philly AttractionsBy Nicole Warncke • Location • How to get there • Admission Price • When to go • Why to go • Give students ideas of places to go that could make learning fun and more hands-on than college work • Things to do that can take your mind off Facebook

  12. Field Trip! • Franklin Institute • Philadelphia Museum of Art • Philadelphia Zoo • The Phillies @ Citizens Bank Park • Adventure Aquarium • Independence National Historical Park • Independence Seaport Museum • Mütter Museum

  13. User-Friendly • Pictures link user to attraction’s home page • Links within description for further information • Links to SEPTA, Google Maps and Mapquest

  14. Philly MoviesBy Stephanie Reyes • Because our site is geared toward college students, I wanted to let students know where in the city they could get the best deals • Give details about the differences among the theaters and reasons to go • Movies they show • Type of seating • Theater environment • Prices • Theater locations

  15. Local Theaters • The Ritz • The Roxy • The Bridge • The Pearl • Tuttleman IMAX • There are other options throughout the city • Check out the other college’s theaters • Keep an eye out for student discounts

  16. What I did • Added some graphics • Helpful tips for the visitor • Links to SEPTA and a map of the city • Named the theater and added a theater description • The theater names are links that send you to the theater’s site for movie showings and their times

  17. Philly ShoppingBy Jennifer Reardon • Let both sexes know the most popular places to find the best clothing and accessory deals around the city • Easy to fall into the trap of spending big bucks when you could find the same thing at a cheaper price

  18. Where to Shop • The Gap Outlet • 1500 block Chestnut St. • Overstocked or last-season • H&M • 1500 block Chestnut St. • Affordable popular styles • Ross • 700 block Market St. • Discounted designer clothing

  19. My Page • Pictures of merchandise and store fronts • Brief descriptions of stores • Area locations • Links to the store’s Web site • Links to SEPTA, Google Maps, Mapquest and my e-mail

  20. Our Team Bio Page • Brief information about our team • Sections we did • Photograph • Major • Year • Favorite Philly destination