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Dodo By young jun eo. What is an Extinct animal?. Extinct animals are species , or kinds of animals that have all died many years ago. For example dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. Dodo is a kind of extinct animal. What is Dodo?.

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what is an extinct animal
What is an Extinct animal?
  • Extinct animals are species, or kinds of animals that have all died many years ago. For example dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago. Dodo is a kind of extinct animal.
what is dodo
What is Dodo?
  • Dodo is an extinct bird that can’t fly. The dodo is related to the pigeon. They have short legs like Tae Hun, stubby wings, long beaks, and curly tails. Dodos lived on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. They have been extinct since about 1680.


why did the dodo go extinct
Why did the Dodo go extinct?
  • European sailor killed the birds for their food include dodo because Dodo couldn’t fly. But European saved some dodos and served as a models for paintings and museums.

This is the picture that European artist drew.

where did the dodo go extinct
Where did the dodo go extinct?
  • Dodos went extinct near Madagascar . Dodos can’t fly like penguins. Their weight is 25 kg. They went extinct in the 17thcentury. Dodos went extinct because the Europeans killed or hunted them.

Dodo’s bones and fossil

Dodo’s feet.

Dodo’s skeleton.

similar dna
Similar DNA

Nicobar Pigeon

geological time scale
Geological time scale.
  • Dodo extinct at Paleozoic time

Dodo was living peacefully until the European sailors came.

  • European sailors killed and hunted them about 350 years ago.
  • Now people say that Dodos were living on the island of Mauritius. People said that pigeon has similar DNA with Dodo.
quiz time
QUIZ TIME~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!
  • Q1. Which period did dodo extinct?
  • A1. In Paleozoic era
  • Q2. Which animal has most similar DNA with dodo?
  • A2. It’s Pigeon !
  • BIG QUESTION~!@@@@@
  • Q. Why did the dodo extinct and where did they extinct?
  • A. They extinct because European sailor hunt and killed them and they extinct near Indian ocean.
work cited page
Work Cited Page