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Childhood obesity: national initiatives and policies PowerPoint Presentation
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Childhood obesity: national initiatives and policies

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Childhood obesity: national initiatives and policies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Childhood obesity: national initiatives and policies. Leah Gecheo Boot camp presentation 2012. Outline. Cause of obesity National statistics Obesity prevention initiatives Funding agencies How to apply for funding Obesity prevention in WV- Dr. Murphy, Kristin McCartney .

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Childhood obesity: national initiatives and policies

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    1. Childhood obesity: national initiatives and policies Leah Gecheo Boot camp presentation 2012

    2. Outline • Cause of obesity • National statistics • Obesity prevention initiatives • Funding agencies • How to apply for funding • Obesity prevention in WV- Dr. Murphy, Kristin McCartney.

    3. Cause of obesity: The ̏Thrifty gene” hypothesis Obesity?

    4. Cause of obesity: our environment

    5. How bad is it? • 1 in 3 children/adolescent is overweight or obese • Below 2 yr. old- 10% • 2-5 yr. old; 14% • 10-17 yr old: 18.2% • Obese children have 70-80% probability of being obese adults • Overweight and obese adults outnumber healthy adults • Cost of obesity: $147B. • Reduced work productivity

    6. A growing problem

    7. How obese is our country? 35.7% of Americans are obese, 7/10 are overweight or obese

    8. Initiatives to fight the obesity epidemic • Federal government initiatives- CDC • Non-profit organizations- AHA • Department of health • Private/charitable organizations- Coke, PepsiCo, Hershey, Kraft foods • Community-based initiatives • State initiatives*

    9. CDC funded initiatives • Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity (DNPAO) • reduce obesity through state programs, research, intervention and policy changes • Monitor nutritional status through PedNSS (pediatric nutrition surveillance system and PNSS (pregnancy surveillance systems) • Promote fruits and vegetable consumption • Improve breastfeeding • Global collaborations

    10. Programs under DNPAO • BAM! Body and mind • Interactive site for 9-13 yr olds; stress and physical fitness • ‘Fruits and veggies-more matter’ initiative • Healthier worksite initiative (HWI) • Kit for employers to improve employees health • Kidswalk-to-school • Identify safe walking routes to school • CDC’S LEAN works • Identify science-based interventions that works. • Obesity cost calculator for employers

    11. CDC funded initiatives 2. Childhood obesity demonstration program • Target: 2-12 year olds covered by CHIP (children’s health insurance program) • Goal: improve children’s nutrition and physical activity through effective healthcare and community strategies. • Preventive medicine, retail food stores, safe parks. • Ongoing project; completion 2015 • Location: UT, Houston, San Diego state university, Massachusetts state department of public health.

    12. CDC funded initiatives 4. Communities putting prevention to work • Target: Rural, tribal area, small urban groups to tackle obesity and tobacco use • Goal: Implement environmental changes to make healthier living easier. • Improve active means of transport. 5. Community transformation grant: • Target: Communities overburdened by chronic diseases • Goal: Community levels effort to reduce chronic diseases related to obesity.

    13. America Heart Association (AHA) initiatives • What is AHA? A non-profit organization that fosters cardiac care to reduce death and disability caused by heart disease • Goal : Improve cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% and reduce deaths due to CVD by 20% by 2020

    14. AHA initiatives :NFL PLAY60 challenge • Collaboration of NFL and AHA • Recommend 60 minutes /daily physical activity • Encourage physically active lifestyle year-round • Participating schools: • Teacher’s guide • Lesson plan • Game plan • Classroom scoreboard • certificate

    15. AHA initiatives: Hoops for hearts Jump rope for hearts • Engage middle school students in basketball and raise money for stroke/ heart disease research. • Engage elementary students to jump rope while raising money for stroke/heart disease research. • School teams sign up for the 6-weeks program • Learn the skill and also heart health education • Fundraising

    16. AHA initiatives:Alliance for a healthier generation • Collaboration of AHA and William J Clinton foundation • Ongoing project to inspire young people to adopt a lifestyle of healthy habits • Reduce childhood obesity by 2015 • 14,000 schools enrolled • Program assess school progress in changing policies, practice and environment that are in favor of healthy lifestyle • Focus on 3 key initiatives; • Healthy schools program, EmpowerME kid’s movement, Industry and healthcare

    17. Alliance for a healthier generation Key Initiatives: • Healthy schools program • Provide expert advice to school professionals, teachers and students 2. EmpowerME kid’s movement (8-12 yr.o) • incorporating physical activity in after school programs. • 8 lessons on healthy eating and physical activity • Goal is to make healthy lifestyle cool for kids by kids. • 1.3M kids enrolled

    18. Alliance for a healthier generation focus 3. Industry and healthcare • voluntary agreements with leaders in food, beverage, fitness and healthcare to create access of healthier food and affordable healthcare benefits Healthcare: • 17,500 pediatricians to give free book- “The very hungry caterpillar”, associated with learning tools that promote healthy eating. • Alliance healthcare initiative to reimburse doctors and dietitians who provide obesity-related care counseling to children

    19. Alliance for a healthier generation focus 3. Industry and healthcare Industry: • Voluntary agreement with industry to provide healthier school meals at the price not higher than ‘classic’ meals Companies that have signed the agreement: • AdvancePierre foods, Domino’s pizza, JTM food groups, McCain Foods, Rich products corporation, Schwan’s foods and Trident seafoods. • 4950 schools enrolled

    20. Let’s move initiative: • Goal: solve obesity within a generation, be advocating healthy lifestyle so that children born today can reach adulthood at a healthy weight. • Healthier food in schools • Better food labeling • More physical activity • Presidential memorandum • Childhood obesity taskforce to review current initiatives and develop a national plan

    21. Campaign to create awareness and start the obesity conversation in the community. • Collaboration of Institute of Medicine (IOM), CDC, NIH and HBO. • 3 years of research on the science and economics of obesity.


    23. The big picture: “The weight of the nation is not healthy. And to get healthy, we’re all going to have to do our part” -Dr. Thomas, director, CDC.

    24. The role of a community dietitians • Explore means to fight the pandemic • Create nutritional intervention project • Research • Community education

    25. Grants and funding Major funding agencies • National Institute of Health (NIH) • USDA • • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics(AND) • Private agencies

    26. Grant writing • Identify the agency • Identify award/funding opportunity • Determine eligibility • Proposal requirements • Submission deadlines

    27. Components of a grant proposal • Executive summary • Biographical sketch • Narrative • Budget • Budget justification • Chronogram • bibliography

    28. Executive summary • Specific objectives • Novelty • Broader impact

    29. A. Personal Statement B. Positions and Honors Positions and Employment Other Experience and Professional Memberships Honors C. Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (in chronological order) D. Research

    30. Narrative • Statement of need • Study rationale • Study description and methodology • Expected outcome • Potential Impact

    31. Budget

    32. Budget justification • Justification of every component of the budget in a narrative format.

    33. Chronogram

    34. Bibliography Literature cited in the narrative and in the executive summary. Grants writing class: PLSC 550:Grants and grantsmanship.

    35. Health people 2010: Lower obesity to 15%. Obesity in West Virginia

    36. Questions?