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All About Me

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All About Me. Jean Rinehart, Executive Director Marilyn Imhoff-Edman, Senior Director. Attitude. Where does a positive attitude come from? What is your definition of a positive attitude?. Attitude. What percentage of your success is dependent on your positive attitude: When listening?

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All About Me

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    1. All About Me Jean Rinehart, Executive Director Marilyn Imhoff-Edman, Senior Director

    2. Attitude Where does a positive attitudecome from? What is your definition of apositive attitude?

    3. Attitude What percentage of your success is dependent on your positive attitude: When listening? When communicating? When serving customers? When doing your job? What is your rating of your positive attitude? 1 to 10(10 being the greatest)

    4. What Influences Your Attitude? Handout Exercise

    5. Check Your Attitude I am an enthusiastic person. I am happy on the inside. I look for the good in things. I usually talk about the good in things. I say why I like things and people, not why I don't. I look for the opportunity when something bad happens. I forgive people who have hurt or offended me. If I have nothing nice to say, I say nothing. I encourage myself. I use positive-attitude language. I avoid can't and won't. I have a positive self image. 

    6. Check Your Attitude I have a positive self image. I exercise choices that build my positive attitude. I help others without expectation or measuring. I encourage others to succeed. I am happy about myself and my life. I work on my attitude every day. I ignore people who try to discourage me or tell me "you can't". I count my blessings every day. I believe in myself. ONCE YOU DISCOVER WHAT YOUR ATTITUDE IS, OR ISN'T, you'll have a starting point and an understanding on how to move forward.

    7. Laughter is the "best" medicine. • "A Merry Heart doeth good like a medicine.“ - Proverbs • Funny is not confused with cynical or biting humor. • Do you laugh easily and often? Do you love to laugh? Are you happy on the inside? • Drain your brain at the end of every day! These are some warning signals • Whining - Things are not going right-WAH • Wining - Drinking to relax • Complaining - Looking at what's wrong with things and people • Blaming - It is always someone else's fault • Cynicism - Always a snide remark at the success of others or condition of the world • Short Fuse - Loose temper that creates negative energy blocking creative thought • Tylenol p.m.!!

    8. Positive Attitude What determines effective communication? 1. Your ability to listen.....30% 2. Your ability to respond...20% 3. Your Attitude.......50% What determines effective customer service? 1. Your ability to listen....30% 2. Your Ability to respond....20% 3. Your Attitude....50% Half of your success is determined by your POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

    9. Let's Switch Our Thoughts toAttitude Actions! We want to walk the talk and become a person of attitude! Be Nice, Kind, Smile, Make Friends, Praise Others, Take Responsibility, Be Proud of Your Work, and Be Proud of Your Accomplishments! Concentrate on yourself and resign your position as general manager of the universe! You can't be involved in other people's problems unless your own are gone! You must take the time to be the BEST for yourself FIRST. This single step will pave the way for you to be the best you can be for others.....

    10. Principles That Lead to Success, Wealth and a “YES” Attitude You earn money by building a strong self- belief system. You earn money by being better than the rest. You earn money by having answers that others do not. You earn money by loving what you do and having a great Attitude About Life!

    11. Jeffrey Gitomer - Great Resource! Weekly e-zine, Sales Caffeine, sent to your e-mail every Tuesday Books on Sales, Networking, Making the Cash Register Ring, etc or Ideas from this presentation from Little Gold Book of “Yes” Attitude (2007) 

    12. Self Reflection in 2014

    13. Definition of Self-Reflection n. Meditation or serious thought about one’s character, actions and motives.

    14. 2014 I am _______________ where I want to be. I can be _______________with a _______________ attitude. Every day is an ________________. I am_______________ . The days ahead bring _______ _________________. On this day in January 2014. I feel ______ being a _________.

    15. 2014 I am exactly where I want to be. I can be successful with a positive attitude. Every day is an adventure. I am confident. The days ahead bring new opportunities. On this day in January 2014, I feel great being a leader.

    16. My Positive Thoughts for Self-Reflection in 2014

    17. Money, Health and Happiness are in your future. Share your good fortune with friends.