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bewildered n.
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  1. Bewildered The word is bewildered. What is the word?

  2. Bewildered (adjective) To look or act with confusion. If you saw a Martian running on the playground you would look ____.

  3. Be- wild-er-ed Adj.

  4. Bewildered Johnny was so confused by the assessment he felt bewildered. When the little boy visited the city, the large buildings made him feel bewildered.

  5. Bewildered Create your own sentence showing meaning

  6. longed The word is longed. What is the word?

  7. longed (adjective) To want something really bad. If you cant wait for your birthday to come each year you have _______ for it.

  8. Long-ed adjective

  9. Longed Sally longed for the someone to find her lost When you travel to another place you might have longed to sleep in your own bed again.

  10. Longed Create your own sentence showing meaning

  11. homeland The word is homeland. What is the word?

  12. Homeland (noun) A place where someone grew up. New Jersey would be my _______.

  13. home-land noun

  14. homeland Joe returned to his homeland of China. When you visit the town you grew up in, the town would be your homeland.

  15. homeland Create your own sentence showing meaning

  16. Marveled The word is marveled. What is the word?

  17. Marveled (verb) When you express great surprise or wonder. I_______ at the tall buildings in Chicago this weekend.

  18. Mar-vel-ed verb

  19. marveled Johnny marveled at the sight of the large snake . He marveled over the new place full of beautiful mountains, large animals and fresh looking rivers.

  20. marveled Create your own sentence showing meaning

  21. reminded The word is reminded. What is the word?

  22. reminded (verb) When you help someone remember something. My students ______ me about the hike on Friday.

  23. Re-mind-ed verb

  24. reminded Johnny reminded himself when he wrote a reminder on a sticky note . She reminded Sally to always use zero voice in the hallway.

  25. reminded Create your own sentence showing meaning

  26. Surrounded The word is surrounded. What is the word?

  27. surrounded (verb) When something or some people are all around you. I found myself _______ by 29 fourth graders.

  28. Sur-round-ed verb

  29. surrounded The troops felt that the enemy had surrounded them. It feels really good when you are surrounded by people you love.

  30. reminded Create your own sentence showing meaning