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Protecting the Environment

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Protecting the Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Protecting the Environment. Protecting Today’s Investments For Tomorrow’s Innovations. How well do you know global agriculture?. True or False. The world grows enough food to feed its population. Generally TRUE. The world grows enough food to feed its population.

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protecting the environment

Protecting the Environment

Protecting Today’s Investments For Tomorrow’s Innovations

true or false
True or False

The world grows enough food

to feed its population.

generally true
Generally TRUE
  • The world grows enough food to feed its population.
  • To eradicate hunger, people in the developing world need to be able to access food by growing it or purchasing it.
true or false5
True or False

The global population will increase

by 42 percent between now and 2050.

  • The global population will increase by 42 percent between now and 2050.
  • The world’s population is expectedto increase from about6.6 billion people todayto 9.3 billion by 2050.
true or false7
True or False

Agriculture must increase food

production by 42 percent to keep pace.

  • Increasing demand for food, fuel and fiber in developing countries, combined with other factors, actually requires agricultural food production to double by 2050.
true or false9
True or False

Global agriculture uses50 percent of our fresh water.

  • Global agriculture actually uses 70 percent of our fresh water, and in the developing world, that percentage is closer to 95 percent.
true or false11
True or False

Irrigation increases the yield of

most crops by 50 percent.

  • Actually, irrigation boosts the yield of most crops by100 percent to 400 percent.
true or false13
True or False

Agriculture uses 55 percentof habitable land.

  • Agriculture uses 55 percent of habitable land.
  • And the percentage is growing as developing countries cut down forests to grow more food and other agricultural commodities.
true or false15
True or False

Agriculture contributes 70 percent

of global greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Agriculture actually contributes 13.5 percent, which is still substantial.
adapted from monsanto s web site on agriculture and sustainability from Monsanto’s web site on Agriculture and Sustainability
today is all about
Today is All About
  • Identifying agricultural challenges in protecting the environment
  • Tracing how scientific advancements impact the world
  • Understanding how each of uswill contribute to the futurehealth of our planet