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Functions of News Paper Departments

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Functions of News Paper Departments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Functions of News Paper Departments. Editorial Department. All reading material except advertisements are assembled in the Editorial department. A large newspaper’s Editorial department will have five general divisions. 1. Newsroom - Here local, regional, national international news is

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editorial department
Editorial Department

All reading material except advertisements are assembled

in the Editorial department. A large newspaper’s Editorial

department will have five general divisions.

1. Newsroom - Here local, regional, national international news is

received through terminals. It would have sub classification in terms

of political news, agriculture, finance art etc. News received is then

converted into news reports, features columns, etc..

2..Editorial Room – Here the Editor and the Editorial page writers

handle the material that goes in the editorial page , including feature

stories, book reviews and letters from the readers

editorial department continued


Editorial Department continued…

3. Picture division – Here staff photographers submit their

photographic assignments received from picture editor,

city editor etc. Space and equipments for picture

processing are located in this room.

4. Copy Desk –The copy editor is the last link between the

news paper and the public. His department constitutes the

back bone of the news paper. Here experienced copy

readers read the various news items. They edit, correct,

check and verify facts, indicate paragraphs and write

headlines. Subsequently the page layouts are decided and

the copy is then delivered for composing and printing.

editorial department continued1
Editorial Department continued…

5.Library - In big news papers a library popularly called the ‘morgue’ is attached to the Editorial Department. It stores ‘dead copy’ which can be used as ‘background ‘ for current stories. Past news clipppings, statistics on important socio economic matters are also stored here. At present most of this information is stored online.

functions of business department
Functions of Business Department

1.Advertisement Department – This department supports the survival and

success of the news paper as a commercial venture. It receives the

following types of advertisements .

a. Classified advertisements {normally 24 words or specified lines ,only message}

b. Display advertisements {Picture, catch copy , persuasive by nature}

c. Black and white advertisements

d. Colour advertisements

e. Specified position advertisements {front page etc.}

f. Gate fold advertisements {on front page , two covers for

magazine etc.}

g. Government advertisements,

h. Advertorials {advertisement in the form of text matter}

i. Advertisement under Box nos.

functions of business department continued
Functions of Business Department continued….

2. Circulation department :- This department is headed by the

circulation manager. He performs certain statutory functions as well as

certain non statutory functions.

Statutory functions:-

  • He deals with the Audit Bureau of circulation. He has to provide

the information about the number of unsold copies.

b He furnishes the circulation details to the Registrar of News Papers .

  • He has to satisfy the Registrar that the newsprint consumption is

In proportion the circulation and printing capacity.

  • He should satisfy the Registrar that all the payments have been

received from the agents and it is credited to the news paper


e. The registrar should also be supplied with the transportation details.

functions of business department continued1
Functions of Business Department continued….

Non Statutory Functions :-

  • Promotion of circulation among various territories and

various interest groups by offering discounts, gifts and

other offers.

b. Suggest the opening of new editions based on


c. Conduct periodical swot analysis.

d. Train and motivate agents / hawkers.

e. He should adopt a ‘push’ strategy atao sell his new

magazine etc. with the regular newspaper.

f. Conduct readership surveys.

g. Ensure prompt and timely delivery of the news paper.