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  2. Smokey Robinson was born on February 19, 1940 in Detroit, Michigan.

  3. In the 1950’s Smokey’s mother passed away.

  4. THE MATADORS In 1954, Smokey formed a group that was first known as the Matadors. 3 years later, the group name changed to The Miracles when Claudette Rogers joined the group. Smokey and Claudette were married in 1959. THE MIRACLES

  5. The music industry was a very difficult business to go into. At first, the members of the Miracles were only being paid five dollars per week by their agent Berry Gordy.

  6. Berry Gordy and Smoky Robinson were the start of something new. They were very fortunate to have come across each other. They had what the other needed at that time. Gordy began to produce the Miracles in 1958.

  7. Smokey hit the charts in the 1960’s with the release of Shop Around, a song composed by Smokey himself. This song is what enabled Gordy to start up his own record label (Motown Records). He also produced other talents.

  8. Smokey was able to grow with the successful Motown Record company. He was the lead vocalist for their band which was renamed Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. He composed most of his own music along with hit songs for other headlining artists.

  9. Later on in his career, Smokey was faced with competition known as The Beatles. Even with this competition, he was able to win 6 gold records containing hits such as “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me”, “Tracks of My Tears”, and “Oooo Baby Baby”.

  10. In 1968, Smokey was expecting his son. • He left the Miracles in 1972, even though their song “Tears of a Clown” was #1 in Britain and the U.S. • He went solo and recorded mellower music. • He became VP of Motown Records. • Wrote hundreds of songs for other artists.

  11. THE 1980’S Smokey was well into his 3rd decade of music. He won many Grammy’s for his work in the music industry. Most of his music as R&B soul type of music. He was also inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame and named the Grammy living legend.

  12. Aside from all the fame and accomplishments, Smokey had his share of downfalls. He had a few marital affairs and also a two year cocaine addiction. Coping with so much fame was not always easy for Smokey. He stayed married to Claudette for 27 years and had 2 children, Tamla and Berry Robinson. They were divorced in 1986 and he remarried Frances Glandneyin 2002.

  13. Smokey continues to compose great music. In April of 2004, he dropped his first gospel album, “Food for the Spirit”. His fans say that he sounds just as good as he did in the very first album he dropped.

  14. Smokey was a big part of Motown’s 50th anniversary, which took place in 2009. He gave tours of the Motown museum and did interviews, serving as on of the main Motown faces.


  16. Oooo Baby BabySMOKEY ROBINSON • This song was written after he cheated on his wife • Pete Moore assisted in writing the song • The Miracles do the background harmonies • Was #4 on he Billboard Charts • One of the biggest hits and Smokey’s signature song

  17. My GirlThe Temptations • Released in 1964 by Motown • The Temptations first and signature song • Robinson’s inspiration for the song was his wife Claudette • Originally for The Miracles • Never made it to the Billboard Charts here in the U.S.

  18. The Way You Do The Things You DoThe Temptations • Released in 1964 • Hit the Billboard Charts at #11 • Smokey and Rogers wrote this song while on tour with The Temptations • Eddie Kendricks sings lead in this song

  19. You Beat Me To The PunchMary Wells • Co-written by Smokey and Ronnie White • Released in 1962 • Won Grammy nomination for best rhythm and blues recording • Smokey wrote many hits for her

  20. I Want A Love I Can SeeThe Temptations • This song was not a hit at that time • Released in 1963 • Paul Williams is the lead vocals • This is the first song Smokey wrote for The Temptations • Lots of instruments in the song

  21. The Tracks of My TearsSmokey Robinson & The Miracles • Hit song in 1965 • Sold over 2 million copies in first 2 years • Started with a fellow Miracle playing around with a tune • Became #2 on the Billboard Charts • The Miracles most recognized songs

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  24. Oooh Baby BabySmokey Robinson • It begins with drums • Has basic introduction, verse, chorus and bridge • The Miracles do the back up vocals • Instruments in the song are the drums, brass, strings and guitar

  25. You Beat Me To The PunchMary Wells • Drums start off the song followed by many instruments and harmonies • Has verses, chorus and bridge • Ending of the song fades out

  26. The Way You Do The Things You DoThe Temptations • Starts off with the guitar followed by drums, bass and piano • Has verses, chorus and a bridge • One person sings lead and remaining 4 sing back up • More instruments played during song

  27. I Want a Love I Can SeeThe Temptations • Song starts with wood percussion made from Mexico • Drums, piano, bass and harmonizing • Has versus, chorus and bridge • Song fades out in the end

  28. The Tracks of My TearsSmokey Robinson & the miracles • Starts off with 2 guitars playing different harmonies • Drums come in with maracas and bass • The Miracles do the back up vocals • Verses, chorus and bridge • Song fades out in the end

  29. My GirlThe Temptations • Starts off with bass guitar and snapping • Has drums, pianos and harmonies • Has verses, chorus and bridge • Song fades out in the end

  30. THE END