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After the Storm

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After the Storm. Admissions from a University Perspective. Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor, University of Lincoln. Themes. The watershed year 2013 Different students and different admissions Supporting students making choices The admissions lifecycle The major influencers and

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After the Storm

Admissions from a University Perspective

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor, University of Lincoln

  • The watershed year
  • 2013
  • Different students and different admissions
  • Supporting students making choices
  • The admissions lifecycle
  • The major influencers and

the responsibilities of

Universities with


the watershed year
The Watershed Year
  • Not only higher fees – a complex and as yet not fully understood repayment system
  • Volatility and complexity in tariff eligibility
  • Challenges to international recruitment

(not just immigration policy but also

international HE competition)

  • Part-time loans and ineligibility
  • Post Graduate and the


  • New entrants providing HE

and new Universities

  • Admissions slight recovery but not older mature students (and we do not know about part-time yet) – Lincoln applications are considerably up (home and international)
  • At Lincoln reshaped our engagement with schools, teachers, parents and prospective students. We’ve also been working on repositioning the institution
  • (but we were doing this anyway)
  • Kept AABs (at 11%)
  • ABBs tracking at 35%
  • so far keeping them course and institution
  • right for the student!

different students and different admissions
Different students and different admissions
  • Universities have focused too much on processes that suit home UG students in the old world
  • Need different approaches tailored to different student needs
  • Requires more joining up between

advisors, event organisers,

social media communicators,

academics and administrators

supporting students making choices
Supporting students making choices
  • Home UG students
  • Information ADVICE


  • Engagement of current students in

‘telling it like it is’

  • The importance of visiting

....and academic engagement

  • Communication, communication, communication
  • No advantage in seeing students who will not be happy at your institution

supporting students making choices1
Supporting students making choices
  • PG Home – at Lincoln
  • The role of employers and

creating employer relevant curriculum

  • Provision that suits people

in work and supports

advancement in work

  • Engagement with Academics

who will teach students

  • Success but more to learn and do

supporting students making choices2
Supporting Students making choices
  • International students
  • Word of mouth and role of alumni
  • Virtual Open Days
  • Q and A sessions on line
  • Engagement of Academics
  • Support to students to navigate

the minefield of UKBA

  • Helping with preparing

for living in the heart of England

admissions lifecycle
Admissions lifecycle
  • All this suggests it is NOT a simple process anymore (if it ever should have been)
  • Aspiration raising
  • Preparing for University even more

vital than before

  • Partnership and discussions

with teachers, providing

appropriate support

for schools and colleges

  • International partnerships

with other Universities

admissions lifecycle1
Admissions lifecycle
  • For those applying

a full year of engagement

with lots of information

and support and different

academic and administrative contact

  • Supporting peer to peer discussion

and responding where there is need

  • Ensuring a visit with appropriate

content is part of cycle

the role of supporters and decision makers
The role of supporters and decision makers
  • Information advice and guidance for teachers and parents
  • Responding to requests

and questions in a timely fashion

  • Emphasising the visit –

you will never know if you will

be happy at an institution

unless you have seen it

and met the people there!

challenges and worries
Challenges and Worries
  • Lots of exciting opportunities in this new world
  • BUT – curriculum offers –

Will we maintain a broad curriculum?

  • What happens to students

at institutions where there

are difficulties?

  • Part-time and re-skilling

the workforce

  • International reputation becoming

permanently damaged