icemule coolers makes top quality cooler bags n.
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ICEMULE Coolers Makes Top-Quality Cooler Bags and More PowerPoint Presentation
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ICEMULE Coolers Makes Top-Quality Cooler Bags and More

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ICEMULE Coolers Makes Top-Quality Cooler Bags and More - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ICEMULE Coolers is a leading online store offering high-quality insulated backpack coolers and other accessories at very affordable prices. All our cooler bags come with a 90-day warranty. \n\nTo buy now visit -\n

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icemule coolers makes top quality cooler bags

ICEMULE Coolers Makes Top-Quality Cooler Bags and More

ICEMULE Coolers is a trusted source for premium-quality cooler bags and other portable

coolers. Products like its top-of-the-line insulated backpack cooler The BOSS combine

outstanding comfort with unbeatable ice retention. Lovers of the outdoors can keep their

drinks and food cold for several days while hiking, camping, fishing and more.

ICEMULE Coolers’ commitment to quality and convenience stems from a passion for pushing

expectations and breaking boundaries. The company’s founder, James Collie, first got the idea

for ICEMULE while on a day-long hike with friends. He had lined his day pack with plastic trash

bags and filled it with ice, drinks and food. After the bags broke and soaked his back with ice-

cold water, James saw the need for a durable, waterproof, portable cooler.

Today, ICEMULE offers a wide range of portable coolers through its online store. They include:

•The ICEMULE Classic: This reliable, easy-to-use cooler bag are based on James’ original

design for a portable cooler. The ICEMULE Classic is available in small, medium and large

sizes and can hold between 10 and 20 liters. It is 100% waterproof, easy to roll up and

able to keep contents ice-cold for a full day.

the icemule boss the boss provides maximum

•The ICEMULE BOSS: The BOSS provides maximum comfort and portability thanks to its

best-in-class suspension system. Innovative technology like closed-cell PolarLayer XT™

Insulation and IM AirValve™ ensures multi-day ice retention.

•The ICEMULE Pro Catch: This cooler bag gives avid fishers superior protection for their

catches. The Pro Catch’s rugged interior and exterior fabric allows people to use it with or

without a liner.

ICEMULE’s coolers come with a 90-day warranty. The company offers shipping within the

United States.

For additional information and to order products, visit