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migrating your legacy applications to java PowerPoint Presentation
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migrating your legacy applications to java

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migrating your legacy applications to java - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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migrating your legacy applications to java

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Presentation Transcript
the migration series

The Migration Series


Migrating your Legacy Applications to Java

presentation contents
Presentation Contents
  • What is considered Legacy?
  • What is considered new?
  • What is the need to migrate/modernize?
  • Modernization: Opportunities to explore
  • Solution - Java
  • Manageability, Security and Connectivity
  • Reach us
what is considered legacy
What is considered Legacy?
  • Cobol
  • Foxpro
  • eServer iSeries/400 commonly known as AS/400
  • Old vendor development tools
  • Hierarchical databases
  • Inaccessible and outdated technologies
  • Proprietary hardware with unusual chipsets
  • Bus architectures
  • Too heavy applications
what is considered new
What is considered new?
  • Modern Technologies
  • Web/GUI interfaces
  • Standard development tools
  • Relational databases
  • Enterprise integrated systems on new technologies
  • Standard hardware with common chipsets
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Enhanced storage with lighter applications
what is the need to migrate modernize
What is the need to migrate/modernize?
  • Expand the application meeting business challenges
  • Availability of high-rated and quality programming skills and development expertise.
  • Availability of resources who can effectively migrate applications on older technologies like Cobol, AS/400 to Java and other new technologies.
  • Higher programmer productivity possible with new tools and technologies.
  • Availability of Cost-effective technologies.
  • Option to reuse existing application and data investments for new applications.
  • Custom development as an incentive for dynamic businesses.
modernization opportunities to explore
Modernization: Opportunities to explore
  • You can develop your applications using the most current industry standard application development tools.
  • You can architect your newer applications using industry standard programming paradigms.
  • You can deploy your applications on a scalable, yet industry standard application server (s).
  • You can integrate your applications with other applications in the enterprise as SOA (service-oriented-architecture) services
  • You can store your data in a high performing, yet standard relational database
  • You can access your data via database access technologies over the web anytime
  • Connectivity of your current applications can be enhanced using industry standard network protocols
more opportunities to explore
More opportunities to explore
  • You can re-face your existing applications with modern graphical user interfaces, both for the desktop and the web making it easy for you to maintain the application and train the end-users.
  • You can modernize your  native hierarchical database databases to a relational form thus lowering your development cost, leveraging your existing business logic and data investments, while maintaining older levels of availability.
  • You can have your applications and data accessible from heterogeneous platforms and applications using standard interfaces and protocols.
  • You can implement new business logic using modern programming languages and paradigms. This enables enhanced software programmer productivity and a lower cost of operation.
solution java
Solution - Java
  • A complete toolset.
  • Service oriented architecture.
  • Integration of your applications, enterprise, medium and small, with other service providers and enterprise applications using standard java APIs.
  • Simplifies development by using widely adopted open-source frameworks.
  • Standardized web services, you can even use them from GUI applications.
  • Large availability of 3rd party partner products, that provide you with options that you can only dream of with legacy applications.
  • Option to use an industry standard relational database for your operational data.
solution java10
Solution - Java
  • Lower development cost with reduced programming.
  • Increased accessibility to data with industry standard access technologies.
  • Improved application uptime.
  • Handle large databases at ease.
  • Connectivity products enable you to remotely access SQL data using standard java database technologies.
  • Enhanced Governance and Manageability.
  • Heterogeneous interoperability possible.
  • Full support for modern languages.
  • Easy Portability.
  • Absolutely transparent scalability and fault tolerance.
manageability security and connectivity
Manageability, Security and Connectivity
  • You can develop new applications on java that give you heterogeneous manageability and an adaptive infrastructure integration.
  • You get an enhanced system-wide security with data encryption and regulatory compliance.
  • You can connect using industry standard network protocols (TCP/IP) and Web Servers.
the choice is yours
The choice is yours
  • You have your legacy applications.
  • You have the option to migrate to new applications on Java for which iBoss can help you.
thank you

Thank You

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