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When do you need them l.jpg
When do you need them?

  • When you have a hire-when-needed policy, i.e. hire a resource just when your business demands, you need them. This saves you from spending money on infrastructure or additional resources in your hard times.

  • When you want to leverage a lower development cost, you need them.

  • When you want to be in a direct communication with the software developer to get work on your requirements directly, you need them.

  • When you want better control on your projects, you need them.

  • When you want to concentrate more on your core activities like sales that generate revenue for you, you need them.

  • When you want to hire from a diverse pool of talented and experienced software engineers, chosen with a lot of caution, you need them.

Why should you go for iboss l.jpg
Why should you go for iBoss?

  • Dedicated software developers will work directly with you for 8 hours a day, 22 days a month.

  • Professionally qualified software engineers.

  • iBoss gives you the ability to set up your virtual offshore team with modern equipment and infrastructure facilities.

  • Standard Competitive rates. More information on our website www.ibosstechsolutions.com

  • Resources when you need, as you need.

  • Zero burden: No social indemnity upon temporary software development team dismissal, No HR issues, No payroll tensions.

  • Team Playing atmosphere

  • Owing to our vast pool of talented and experienced software developers, we can quickly balance ourselves to your requirements.

  • We give you the reselling rights, so you can sell the code to a 3rd party.

How it works l.jpg
How it Works

  • You specify on the required technology skill, experience, business domain and the number of resources required.

  • Upon getting a requirement we draft a person's profile. This profile, which includes your desired qualifications for the resource and required experience, is circulated among our human resource data banks and consultants. We then provide you with a choice of resumes to narrow down the ideal candidate. Once you have short listed, you can then interview them before final selection.

  • You explain and assign work using the VOIP line, emailed documents or with the use of IMs directly to the developers working for you or through a Project Manager or Team leader hired by you at our delivery center. The work is assigned generally on daily or weekly basis. (We can hire a resource on-site for you too. This resource is generally a Team Leader that explains, assigns and supervises all the work.)

  • The work is done by the resources at our delivery center and uploaded on to your test server.

  • After testing the work at test server, iBoss resources hand over the completed work to the your point of contact.

How it works5 l.jpg
How it Works

  • These resources will work directly under your command and would be available for you during the desired time. We provide the management support and supervise the resources on your behalf so that you get the best possible output without taking any chance.

  • Timesheets are submitted every day or week or month depending on the agreed time period and an invoice is raised once a month for resources utilized during the month.


    STEP 1- Chose the developer profiles that best suit your needs.

    STEP 2- Select your appropriate payment method (Paypal, Credit Card, Wire)

    STEP 3- Complete Payments

    STEP 4- Commence work

Available skillset for direct hiring in net java and open source technologies l.jpg
Available skillset for direct hiringin .net, Java and open source technologies

  • Project managers

  • Software Analysts

  • Software Architects

  • Database administrators

  • Software Designers

  • Operations/support engineers

  • Programmers

  • Quality assurance engineers

  • Requirements analysts

  • Software Testers

Cost fee involved l.jpg
Cost / Fee involved

To know the rates today, mail us at enquiry@ibosstechsolutions.com

Thank you l.jpg

Thank You

If there are any questions that you have for us or if you have any suggestions, we will be more than happy to discuss it.

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