stoichiometry time n.
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Stoichiometry Time!

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Stoichiometry Time! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stoichiometry Time!. Let’s get started! P2 Mrs. Basile’s class. The Problem. 21. What mass of is produced when 82.4g of Rb and 11.6g of. The Solution. Which one is balanced?. 4Rb+O2 2Rb2O. 4Rb O2+2Rb2O. *Ding* Correct! . This equation is balanced!. On to the next question….

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Presentation Transcript
stoichiometry time

Stoichiometry Time!

Let’s get started!

P2 Mrs. Basile’s class

the problem
The Problem
  • 21. What mass of

is produced when 82.4g of Rb and 11.6g of

the solution
The Solution
  • Which one is balanced?





ding correct
*Ding* Correct! 
  • This equation is balanced!

On to the next question…

the solution part 2
The Solution Part 2
  • What is the correct answer for 82.4g Rb?


21g Rb2O


the solution part iii
The Solution Part III
  • Which is the correct answer of 11.6g of O2?

123.4g Rb2O

135.53g Rb2O

4g O2

ding correct1
*Ding* Correct! 
  • 11.6gO2 x



= 135.53gRb2O



On to the last part…

the last part
The Last Part
  • So which element is the limiting reactant, everybody?



ding correct2
*Ding* Correct 
  • Yay! You correctly noticed that 90.11g of Rb2O was smaller than 135.53g of Rb2O. Therefore, Rb is the limiting reactant! Hooray !!!!
beep fail
*Beep* FAIL! >:(
  • Really? We’ve gone this far and you can’t see that 135.53g of Rb2O is larger?

Go back, please

beep no
*Beep* NO! >:(
  • This is the wrong answer. Think back to what I told you before. Is it balanced?


beep incorrect
*Beep* INCORRECT! >:(
  • This is the wrong answer! Go back to your notes on the balanced slide, and redo the problem.

Go back!

ding correct3
*Ding* Correct 
  • 82.4g Rb x



= 90.11gRb2O

Good Job! On to next question…

beep wrong
*Beep* WRONG! >:(
  • The equation is not balanced

Go back, fool!