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  1. Lasers for Accurate Measurement

  2. Lasers have greatly evolved from simple physics laboratories to complex applications in multi-functional industries and research institutions. Most of us have lasers pointers that are used for playing or these lasers are seen at concerts or shows. But few people are aware that these lasers have important applications in automotive welding and cutting, navigation, manufacturing, communications, rapid prototyping, aviation and aerospace, military and defense, and the medical industry. Lasers have emerged as a miracle in science to accomplish tasks that were thought to be impossible. Most tasks require high precision and an efficient laser system to reproduce cost-effective results. This is where the need for a beam profiler exists. Just like every industry requires specialized tools to work effectively, the laser industry is no different case. With Laser Measuring System, various measurement metrics are recorded using a power meter that is coupled with a power sensor. This laser framework is used in 3d scanning metrology. A CMM is embedded with a laser scanner to help in the 3D inspection process at multi-points.

  3. Laser Measuring System A laser tracker is the most commonly used Laser Measuring System that throws a laser beam on an optical target that contacts the object to be measured. This way system determines the multi-dimensions of the placed object. The optical target is called retroreflective as it reflects the laser beam to its origin point. Also known as a spherically mounted retroreflector (SMR). The software is designed to determine the 3D coordinates, angles, and geometrical tolerance of the retroreflector. These laser trackers are specially made to measure large-size objects which fall in the measuring range of 10 m (30 ft) or more. On the other hand, a standard arm-type CMM can only measure a range of a few meters. These kinds of measuring systems are useful in large applications like airplanes, parts of large equipment, and milling machines.

  4. 3d scanning metrology There is no limit to what virtual technology can do. 3d Scanning is one of the great examples to explore. 3D scanning technology is used in accelerating product development, improving manufacturing processes, boosting quality control, inspections, and much more. In the process of 3d scanning metrology, the highly accurate physical 3D measurements of an object are acquired and the result is a 3D model which is further analyzed and retro-engineered. Let’s take an example of quality inspection. Here, the obtained 3D scan is compared to the reference CAD model. This is to verify whether the object is as per the norms and standards. Thus, 3D scanning metrology is beneficial in ensuring product quality while saving time, effort, and cost.

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