Nek mentored youth hunting
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NEK mentored youth hunting. By Robert Jewell. What I'm looking for from you. I am looking for approval of my proposed program. What NEK mentored youth hunting is about. Why its important to me. Why the mentoring program is needed. My plan. Find mentors Find youths

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Nek mentored youth hunting

NEK mentored youth hunting


Robert Jewell

What i m looking for from you
What I'm looking for from you

I am looking for approval of my proposed program.

My plan
My plan

  • Find mentors

  • Find youths

  • Have mentors take youths hunting

  • Have hunters reflect on their experience

  • Figure out how it can improve for next year

  • Improve and expand

Feasibility issues
Feasibility issues

  • Finding youths

  • Finding mentors

  • Proper equipment for youths

Desired outcomes
Desired outcomes

  • Safer and more responsible hunters for the future.

  • Get more people involved in hunting.

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Work cited

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Work cited continued

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Work cited continued

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