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Metal Shop Safety Automotive 10 , 11, 12 PowerPoint Presentation
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Metal Shop Safety Automotive 10 , 11, 12

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Metal Shop Safety Automotive 10 , 11, 12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Metal Shop Safety Automotive 10 , 11, 12. Personal Protective Equipment. eye protection must be worn in the shop at all times!. Two types of eye protection you can use…. safety glasses: must be worn at all times face shield. Use ear protection …. air chisel. Do’s and Don'ts.

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personal protective equipment
Personal Protective Equipment
  • eye protectionmustbe worn in the shop at all times!
two types of eye protection you can use
Two types of eye protection you can use…
  • safety glasses: must be worn at all times
  • face shield
do s and don ts
Do’s and Don'ts
  • No open-toed shoes
  • Closed toe footwear only!
  • Remove any rings, watches, bracelets or long necklaces before working in the shop (can cause burns, shock, and pull you into rotating parts!)
  • Coveralls or a shop coat should be worn
sheet metal
Sheet Metal
  • Always hold sheet metal from the top edge
  • Get help to carry large sheets & wear gloves to prevent cuts
  • Always try to create hemmed edges
  • (sharp edge folded over which leaves a smooth edge)
  • Never let sheet metal slide through your hands/fingers
sheet metal machines
Sheet Metal Machines
  • Slip Roll Former:
  • Only one operator at any time
  • Watch out for loose clothing/fingers
  • Have control over the speed of hand crank
  • Box & Pan Brake:
  • Only one operator at any time
  • Watch out for fingers when pressing
  • Have control over the speed of folding
grinder wire wheel
Grinder / Wire Wheel
  • Always wear eye protection (also face shield if on wire wheel).
  • Always keep tool rest adjusted close as possible (2mm or 1/8”).
  • Keep fingers away from wheel and hold small parts with vise grips.
  • Always use the tool rest to support the work, never use side of wheel.
  • Never wear gloves.
  • Stand to one side when starting the grinder.
  • Allow grinder to reach full operational speed before using.
  • Allow grinder to come to a stop on it’s own, do not press on the wheel to slow down the wheel.
drill press
Drill Press
  • Always remove chuck key
  • Use a vise and clamp it down to the table
  • Long material to the left in case it spins
  • Power off before you adjust drill speeds
  • Always use a center punch before drilling
  • Back off on the pressure when you are almost through the material
  • If material is spinning, shut off drill press and back away until it comes to a stop
  • Large drill = slow speed, small drill = fast
vertical horizontal band saw
Vertical & Horizontal Band Saw
  • Adjust blade guard ¼” above stock
  • Allow saw to reach operating speed
  • Keep hands/fingers away from the cut path
  • Keep fingers at least 6” away from blade
  • Tuck in thumbs when pushing stock
  • Use a push stick if fingers are closer than 6”
  • Use brake to stop blade before leaving saw
  • Never stand to the right of the saw
  • Never cut round pipe or round bar
  • Clean scraps away when the saw is completely stopped
  • For curved cuts, use relief cuts to relieve the pressure on the sides of the blade
  • Be aware of pushing force when nearing the end of a cut
chop saw
Chop Saw
  • Always use safety glasses and a face shield
  • Clear the area of rags, combustibles, and gasoline or other flammable materials
  • Wear hearing protection
  • Always clamp the material in the vice
  • Let the cutting disc get to operating speed and slowly start the cut
  • After the cut has been made, the metal will be very hot so use pliers to pick up
metal lathe
Metal Lathe
  • Always tie back hair, roll up long sleeves, and remove jewellery/baggy clothes/ties
  • Always remove chuck key immediately after tightening the chuck
  • Never have material sticking out past the chuck jaws more than twice the diameter
  • If the material needs to stick out, use a tailstock live center to support the end
  • Always start the lathe with the cutter away from the material
  • Learn the controls and feed directions when well away from the chuck
  • Never clean or remove long swarf/chips while the lathe is spinning
  • Never use your hands to clean chips, use a brush to prevent cuts
  • Watch how close the tool/tool holder gets to the chuck, they shouldn’t touch!
this is not the end

This is not the end!

Safety will be stressed in every lesson where it is applicable.

You will be expected to act -at all times- in a safe and responsible manner in this shop.

If you behave in a manner that seems likely to harm yourself or others, you will be removed from this course at once.