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Mamma Metasearch

The Mother of All Search Engines.

What is mamma com
What is

  • Mamma was created in 1996 by Herman Tumurcuoglu in Montreal, Canada. It helped to introduce metasearch to the Internet as one of the first of its kind. When you are searching on Mamma, the search engine gather and retrieve results simultaneously from a variety of engines, directories and deep content sites, all at the same time. Mamma will format the words and syntax them. It will then elimininate the duplicates from the search page and will format the search according to relevance.

  •, received multiple Honourable Mentions in the Best Metasearch category in the annual SearchEngineWatch Awards thanks to its quality results.

  • There are about 1 billion searches done per month

  • There is about 2.3 milliom clicks to advertisers per month

Mamma homepage
Mamma HomePage

  • The Mamma home page is clean. Right above the main search query box are a few different tabbed options: the Web, News, Images, Twitter, and Jobs.

Mamma metasearch
Mamma Metasearch

  • Just type in the word or phrase you would like to search. Click on ‘Search’


  • At the top of the search results page, you will see the ‘Ads’ section. Those are paid placement listings.

  • As well as being a search engine, is an advertising network company that provides a Pay Per Click advertising. Mamma receives payment from the site owner/advertiser each time a client click on the advertisement.

  • It is an effective and measurable opportunity for companies to obtains Internet traffic and reach their target audiences. Therefore, generate revenue through their online presence and make them able to achieve their marketing abjective which will maximize their returns on their investments.

  • .Underneath are the web links. does not duplicate the searchs. As explains it, "Instead of simply eliminating the duplicates as many metasearch engines may do, we use this information to rank our results. Each duplicate search result is considered a 'vote' for that result. Pages with the highest number of votes go at the top of our result set." Every search result has a textual description and the website the results were retrieved from

  • To the right of the main search results, you'll see "Search Suggestions.” They take the original query and give more search terms that you might not have thought of. Although not all of the Search Refinements will be relevant to my search, it is a nice feature that help expand our thoughts.

Mamma metasearch news
Mamma ‘Ads’ section. Those are paid placement listings.Metasearch News

  • On the barre search, you will be able to click on the ‘News’ button. It will generate the recent news that mention the word put in the query box. The results on the other end seem to be retrieved from a limited sources such as Yahoo.

Mamma metasearch images
Mamma ‘Ads’ section. Those are paid placement listings.Metasearch Images

  • It will generate images from diverse search engines. You will be able to see the image right away and the website you can find it on.

Mamma metasearch twitter
Mamma ‘Ads’ section. Those are paid placement listings.Metasearch Twitter

  • It will generate and update Twitter discussions that talk about you word put in the query box. On the page, you will see the Twitter discussion surrounded by the Advertisements on top and website links on the right and bottom sides.

Mamma metasearch jobs
Mamma ‘Ads’ section. Those are paid placement listings.Metasearch Jobs

  •, provides a listing of jobs that contain the word searched . You can also add the city where you are looking for the job to be. The listing provides the title, the location, and the description of the job. The kisting also provides the website where the job was posted and the date it was posted.

References ‘Ads’ section. Those are paid placement listings.