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Go Force The College for Texans Campaign. Mission. To serve as encouragement and as a resource to high school students as they explore higher education option.

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Go force the college for texans campaign l.jpg

Go ForceThe College for Texans Campaign

Mission l.jpg

  • To serve as encouragement and as a resource to high school students as they explore higher education option.

  • To create and sustain a college-going culture in Texas that prepares all students for the academic rigor and discipline needed to enter and thrive in college.

College for texas closing the gap goals l.jpg
College for Texas: Closing the Gap Goals

  • Texas higher education enrollment rates are down, particularly among low income and minority students

  • How Go Force came to be: In 2001 Texas Legislature mandated the creation of a statewide public awareness campaign through SB 573

  • Close the educational gaps across Texas by adding 500,000 more students above the current college-going rates by 2015

Closing the gaps goals l.jpg
Closing the Gaps Goals:

  • The Texas higher education plan

    • By 2015, increase by 50% the number of degrees, certificates and other identifiable student successes from high quality programs

    • By 2015, increase the number of nationally recognized programs or services at colleges and universities in Texas

    • By 2015, increase the level of federal science and engineering research funding to Texas institutions by 50% to $1.3 billion

The race ahead l.jpg
The Race Ahead

  • High school years are crucial to future success

  • HB 400 schools most in need

  • 5 of 13 FWISD high schools are HB 400 schools

  • High schools in Fort Worth among lowest in the state in college-going rates

  • Marketing is not enough, we must have programmatic components to address barriers and help students/families clear the hurdles

Hurdle 1 preparing for college l.jpg
Hurdle 1:Preparing for College…

In order to adequately prepare for college, a student must:

  • Complete at least the Recommended High School Program

  • Take Advanced/AP/Dual Credit courses

  • Take (and score well on) proper entry exams, including SAT and ACT

  • Students must also receive adequate counseling and opportunities for college preparation

Hurdle 2 getting into college l.jpg
Hurdle 2:Getting into College…

  • Application and admission process overwhelming for many students and their families

  • New “language” to learn: tuition, fees, room & board, credit hour, etc.

  • Doesn’t seem affordable -

    • scholarship information not readily available to all

    • many do not know about financial aid process or do not think they will qualify

Hurdle 3 completing college l.jpg
Hurdle 3:Completing College…

  • Staying in college is more challenging than getting in

  • Continued financial investment necessary

  • Remediation courses are often required, which delays graduation and makes it less likely that a student will graduate

G force team l.jpg
G-Force Team

  • What is a G-Force Team?

    • A G-force team is a network of students, concerned citizens, and organizations committed to supporting Go Center efforts

  • College and Graduate students serve as mentors and peer educators

  • Student team conducts outreach on HS campus

UNTHSC Students’ Role

Go centers l.jpg
Go Centers

  • What is a Go Center?

    • A Go Center is a physical space within each high school that provides students with information related to career exploration, higher education, and financial aid. The Go Center also serves as a “hub” around which a number of college preparation-related programs connect in each school.

  • Go Centers are primary focus of the College for Texans Campaign

  • UNT-HSC serves at two Go Centers at Dunbar and North Side High School

What we do at the go centers l.jpg
What we do at the Go Centers:

  • Just talk to the students and share our experience

  • Explore career and college options

  • Explore financial aid options

  • Mentor students through hurdles they may think are impossible to overcome

Slide12 l.jpg

What to talk about: The Levels

What do I do after high school?

Compare higher

education options

Level A

What do I study?


Level B

What is the right school for me?

Explore academic


Level C

How do I pay for college?

Discuss financial

aid options

Level D

How do I apply to college?

Complete application


Level E


Slide13 l.jpg

Tools of the Go Center – Go Plan

The websites correspond to the Go Center Checklist.

At north side l.jpg
At North Side

  • Go Center open on:

    • M-Th 8:30am-12:10pm (Th 12:10-1pm)

    • M-F 3-5pm

  • Wear your UNTHSC ID

  • Sign up in the front Office

  • Walk up to the 3rd floor to Rm.300

  • Sign in

  • See students

At dunbar l.jpg
At Dunbar

  • Go Center open on:

    • M-F 8am-4pm

  • Wear your UNTHSC ID

  • Sign up in the front Office

  • Go to the Counseling center

  • Sign in

  • See students

Goals for the academic year ahead l.jpg
Goals for the academic year ahead:

  • Increase the number of mentors at the Go Centers at North Side High School and Dunbar High School

  • Build partnerships between Go Force and other campus organizations as well as with other higher education institutions to support the high school Go Center

  • Organize special events to reach out to students and the community at large

Slide17 l.jpg

  • If mentoring at North Side, sign up for mentoring times with Marcus at [email protected]

  • If mentoring at Dunbar, sign up for mentoring times with Fifonsi at [email protected] or Mary at [email protected]

  • For more information on Gforce, special events, alternate volunteer opportunities at North Side and Dunbar High Schools, and mentoring schedule, please visit our website:

    • www.hsc.unt.edu/education/gocenter

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information