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Year 6 Residential

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Year 6 Residential

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  1. Year 6 Residential Manor Adventure Abernant Lake Hotel Powys, Wales Adventure Activities Licensing Authority License Registration Number L7608/R1577

  2. Itinerary Depart Mon 14.10.2013 between 9-9.30, Please be at school at 8.15. 2 planned stops: 1 for lunch, 1 toilet break. (Please provide a packed lunch.) Arrive at Aberant Lake Hotel approximately 3pm.

  3. Who is going? Mrs Kelly Ms Brannigan Miss Richards Miss Rubenstein Mrs Billington Mr Henry Mrs Khattar Mrs Virdee Mrs Moss

  4. Accomodation Children will be asked to nominate 3 children they would like to share a room with. Separate sleeping quarters for boys and girls. 10pm curfew/Nightly patrols Children will need to take responsibility for belongings/tidy area. At no point will a child stay in a room alone.

  5. Hygiene En suite showers – Need to be kept clean. Daily showers. Deodorant – Roll on only.

  6. Board A hot breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided in an on-site restaurant. Vegetarian and Halal options. Children who refuse to eat adequately may be prevented from taking part in activities on the grounds of safety.

  7. Health and Safety Each Manor Adventure instructor on-site is fully trained in first-aid. 24 hour Welfare room Miss Richards will oversee the taking of all regular medication for the girls and Mr Henry for the boys. All instructors are first aid trained and carry 2 way radios. Full risk assessments have been carried out.

  8. Activities & Daily Routine 7.30 Rise and shine 8.00 Breakfast 9-10.30 Activity Session 1 10.30 -10.50 Break 10.50 – 12.20 Activity Session 2 12.20 – 13.40 lunch time 13.40 – 15.10 Activity Session 3 15.10 – 15.30 Break 15.30 – 17.00 Activity Session 4 17.15 – 19.00 Evening meal/Free Time 19.00 – 20. 30 Activity Session 5 20.30 – 21.00 School Activity 21.00-22.00 Free Time

  9. Activities & Daily Routine 19 activities over the five days, accompanied at all times by a staff member and led by trained instructor(s). The children will be given their groups in writing a week before the trip. 10-11 per group.

  10. What to bring PLEASE ENSURE ALL ITEMS ARE LABLED Clothing for 8-10 days in one piece of medium luggage and a day pack/rucksack. Should be suitable for outdoor activities – Not designer wear. A set of clothing that will not be worn on activities. Must have a set of waterproof outer clothing – Jacket and Trousers. Footwear – Trainers, Walking boots and a pair of indoor only footwear. Black Rubbish bag for dirty/wet clothing.

  11. What to bring Bedding – Sleeping bag and pillow case. Toiletries – Girls Sanitary Products. Woollen hat, gloves and scarf. Drink bottle, Torch/headlamp. Snacks – Cereal bars, snack packs of popcorn etc. Packed lunch for the journey there. Packed lunch will be provided for the return journey.

  12. Rules and Sanctions Children will be expected to: Follow all the rules of the centre. Be on their best behaviour at all times. Listen to and showing respect to all adults. Follow the instructions closely at each activity. - This is especially important as it is a ‘Safety Issue’. Failure to do so may result in you missing an activity or in an extreme case, parents being called to come and collect you.

  13. Rules and Sanctions Respect your peers personal property and space. Respect the other schools that are there at the same time. Keep your belongings and room tidy. You are responsible for your belongings and actions. 10pm Curfew – Repeated infringements will result in children missing an activity. No electronic games No cell phones. No Jewellery – Watch only

  14. Updates You are more than welcome to write to your children the week before If you wish your child to reply, then please provide a self addressed stamped envelope. You will receive a text from the school office every day at approximately 4.30pm