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Types of Comics. Comic Book. Cartoon. Comic Strip. Uses for Comics. © Randy Glasbergen Comic strips created with Comic Boom software. A Center for Disease Control publication targeted for youth:

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Types of Comics

Comic Book


Comic Strip

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A Center for Disease Control publication targeted for youth:

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A publication from the Duke Center for the Study of the Public Domain

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Ostrom, R. (2004). Public DomainActive Learning Strategies for Using Cartoons and Internet Research Assignments in Social Studies Courses.

  • Guide analysis of sample cartoons to establish expectations

  • Select editorial cartoons to assign for analysis

  • Assign students to groups to analyze cartoons

    • Issue

    • Symbols

    • Exaggeration and Distortion

    • Stereotypes

    • Caricature

    • Humor and Irony

    • Background Knowledge

    • Argument

  • Presentations to class on their analysis; debate positions

Source: The Mindsparks Editorial Cartoon Checklist

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Source: Cartoon News Magazine Daily Cartoon Public Domain

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Sample Lesson Plan Public Domain

As students analyze the editorial cartoon, they will

  • Understand the context in which the cartoon was drawn

  • Discover the basic elements of the cartoon

  • Find and interpret the icons that appear in the cartoon

  • Identify the cartoonist’s message

  • Develop skill in seeing and understanding persuasive techniques used by cartoonists

  • Identify qualities of cartooning such as sensory, formal, expressive, technical, and judgmental

Source: The Dirksen Congressional Center Editorial Cartoon Collection

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  • Creating a message Public Domain requires

    • Critical thinking

    • Planning

    • Concise writing

    • Creativity = student engagement

  • Student engagement = excitement!

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Comic Boom Public Domain

Find a tour of Comic Boom at

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Comic Boom Public Domain

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makebeliefscomix Public Domain

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makebeliefscomix Public Domain

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makebeliefscomix Public Domain

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Comic Book Creator 2 Public Domain

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Comic Book Creator 2 Public Domain

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Comic Book Creator 2 Public Domain

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Inexpensive Software Public Domain

  • – free!

  • Comic Boom (PC) - $20

  • Comic Life (Mac) - $28 (Amazon)

  • Comic Book Creator 2 - $30 (AsSeenonTV)

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Which approach are you Public Domainmost likely to try out?

  • Purchasecartoons (memory prompt)

  • Createcomic strips for important concepts (make content more inviting)

  • Create a comic book for important concepts (make content more inviting)

  • Students analyze editorial cartoons (support learning activities)

  • Students create comic stripsor comic books (student-generated content)

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Sources Public Domain

  • Science Cartoons Plus (S. Harris) - ~ $12 each

  • Today’s Cartoon (Randy Glasbergen) - ~ $20 each

  • Comic Book Creator 2 from re-sellers (no longer available from Planetwide Games Software)

    • Amazon re-sellers - $59.95 +

    • AsSeenonTV ($29.95)

  • Active Learning Strategies for Using Cartoons and Internet Research Assignments in Social Studies Courses, by Richard Ostrom (2004)

  • Tales from the Public Domain: Bound by Law (comic book)

  • New York Times News Service Photos & Graphics

  • The Dirksen Center’s Editorial Cartoon Collection

  • Comic Boom tour

  • Makebeliefscomix

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Questions? Public Domain

Joan Van Duzer

[email protected]

Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching

Humboldt State University