automatic identification and data capture aidc solution center n.
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Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Solution Center PowerPoint Presentation
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Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Solution Center

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Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Solution Center - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Solution Center. Kickoff. 19 March 2008. Agenda. Stanley Proposal Team Procurement Overview Statement of Work Evaluation Criteria Stanley Team Competitive Assessment Win Themes Schedule Submission Requirements Writing Assignments

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Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Solution Center

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Presentation Transcript
  • Stanley Proposal Team
  • Procurement Overview
  • Statement of Work
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Stanley Team
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Win Themes
  • Schedule
  • Submission Requirements
  • Writing Assignments
  • Discussion
  • Questions, Comments, Action Items
proposal team
Proposal Team
  • Account Manager/Technical Volume Lead – Amy Ygbuhay
    • 703-441-4903
  • Proposal Manager – Tim Draughon
    • 703-310-3166 (w), 703-483-0957 (c)
  • Proposal Coordinator – Eric Aspland
    • 703-310-3305
  • Technical Volume Lead – Rhonda Copeland
    • Rhonda
    • 843-218-6404 (desk), 843-261-3754 (cell)
  • Pricing Volume Lead – Charles (Chuck) Ragland
    • 703-310-3310
  • Graphics Lead – Yathrib Elhillali
    • 703-310-3283
  • Contracts Administrator – Barbara Crump
    • 703-310-3308
statement of work skill sets required
Statement of Work – Skill Sets Required
  • Reader/Portal Configuration
  • Scientific Optimization and Certification Documentation for RFID
  • Training (Users, Administrators)
  • Electronic User Manuals
  • Help Desk Support
  • On-Site Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Facility Infrastructure Analysis (LAN, electrical, environmental, shielding, etc.)
  • RFID Installation
  • Baseline Process and System Assessment
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Solution Design
  • Hardware Infrastructure Design
  • Middleware
  • Network
  • IA/Certification (ATO/ATC for MCEN/NMCI)
evaluation criteria
Evaluation Criteria
  • The Government intends to evaluate quotations and award a task order without discussions. Each Offeror’s quotation should contain the Offeror’s best price, and technical position. The Government reserves the right to conduct discussions if it is later deemed necessary. Any Offeror that is rated below “Acceptable” in any evaluation criteria will not be considered for contract award.
  • Award will be to the responsive and responsible Offeror whose quotation (conforming to the solicitation) represents the best value to the Government considering the areas of Understanding and Approach, Personnel, Past Performance, and Price. In order to be considered responsive to this RFQ, the offeror’s quotation MUST meet all RFQ and Statement of Work requirements. Unsupported promises to comply with the contractual requirements will not be sufficient.
  • The Government may award to other than the lowest-priced Offeror or to other than the Offeror with the highest technical rating if the Contracting Officer determines that to do so would result in the best value to the Government.
  • The Government intends to award a labor hour task order to the Offeror:
    • Whose quotation is technically acceptable;
    • Whose offer is deemed responsive to the solicitation requirements;
    • Whose overall offer represents “Best Value” to the Government.
  • In making its “Best Value” determination, the government will consider overall technical merit to be of significantly greater importance than evaluated price. However, the importance of price as a factor in the final determination will increase with the degree of equality in the overall technical merit of the quotations.
evaluation criteria continued
Evaluation Criteria (continued)
  • While the evaluated price to the government is a substantial area of consideration in the integrated assessment of offers, the overall technical merit is significantly greater than evaluated price. Therefore, the government may select other than the lowest price, acceptable offer if it is determined that the superior capability is worth the additional price. However, the government will not make an award at a significantly higher price to achieve only slightly superior performance capability.
  • The relative order of importance of the non-price factors is listed below:
    • Understanding and Approach
    • Personnel
    • Past Performance
  • Factor 1 is of most importance, followed by factors 2 and 3 being equal in importance..
  • Price:
    • The total price including all optional tasks quoted by the offeror’s will be evaluated, but not rated. The price evaluation will determine whether each offeror’s proposed price to the government is reasonable, realistic, and complete. The proposed price to the government must be compatible with the technical portion of the offer.
stanley team
Stanley Team
  • Stanley Associates
    • Prime
  • Subs
    • Gould & Associates Global Services, Inc.
competitive assessment
Competitive Assessment
  • Strengths
    • In-depth knowledge of MOWASP warehouse operations
    • RFID/UID migrations in SPAWAR
    • Competitive FFP vendor well known in Albany
  • Weaknesses
    • Parts of SOW are ambiguous, may be a lock for someone that weren't not aware of
    • Personnel
    • Price
  • Competitors
    • Smartronix
    • Intermec
    • Savi
    • Battelle
    • BAH
win themes
Win Themes
  • Proven logistics-based company
  • Operating RFID/UID functionality operations similar to DMC's requirement
  • Extensive understanding of MOWASP (and family of systems) with reach back in Albany
submission requirements
Submission Requirements
  • Price Volume (no page limit) – two (2) hard copies
    • One signed and completed copy of the attached Standard Form 1449 (SF 1449) signed by a person authorized to enter into the proposed task order on behalf of the Offeror; as part of Price Volume.
    • Part I: Model Task Order Information
    • Part II: Offeror’s Price Quotation Backup
  • Technical Volume – five (5) hard copies
    • Table of Contents (no page limit)
    • Executive Summary/Letter of Transmittal (3 pages)
    • Part III: Understanding and Approach (30 pages)
    • Part IV: Personnel (8 pages)
    • Part V: Past Performance (5 pages)
    • Appendix A: WBS (8 pages)
    • Appendix B: Resumes (2 pages each; no overall page limit)
    • Appendix C: Deliverables Table (2 pages)
    • Appendix D: Acronym List (no page limit)
  • One electronic copy of the full quotation (Executive Summary/Letter of Transmittal and Parts I through V) using a Microsoft Office for Windows suite of applications, submitted on CD-ROM, formatted for a personal computer.
    • Price breakdown will include MS Excel spreadsheets with formulae intact.
    • Schedules will be in MS Project or compatible format.
    • Delivery of process flows may be in hard copy if not compatible with the above software.
submission requirements1
Submission Requirements
  • Font for text: Arial or Times New Roman 11 point
  • Font for tables and graphics: Not less than 8 point
  • Foldouts: Not allowed except for WBS
  • Margin: 1 inch on all sides
  • Line Spacing: May be single-spaced
  • Header/footer: Each pages provides identification of the submitting Offeror in the header or footer
  • Past Performances
    • Must be within last 3 years
    • Identify current contacts—government will send out questionnaires
  • Resumes
  • RFCs
  • Other Discussion Items
    • Identify Reviewers
questions comments action items
Questions, Comments, Action Items
  • Questions and Comments
    • ?
  • Action Items
    • ?