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Anton Nijssen, Director a.i.

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Anton Nijssen, Director a.i. THIGJ: philosophy and funding strategy. The working of a ‘tender desk’. The Hague Institute for Global Justice is an independent centre of expertise with an international staff.

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Presentation Transcript
Anton Nijssen, Director a.i.

THIGJ: philosophy and funding strategy

The working of a ‘tender desk’

The Hague Institute for Global Justice is an independent centre of expertise with an international staff.

The Hague Institute for Global Justice aims to both reinforce and add on the work of existing research institutions in The Hague, of Dutch universities, and of NGOs, international courts and treaty organisations in the city (ICC, PCA, International Strafhof, tribunals).

It will become – in its own right – a strong, research-based as well as policy-oriented institution that can take its place in the major league of international think tanks.

Character of the institute

The Institute is dedicated to the promotion of law and justice as the basis of and in relation to peace, security and social and economic development.

The objective is to develop an integrated approach.

Mission statement

Ms Madeleine Albright, Chair (Chair, Albright Stonebridge Group and former Secretary of State, United States of America);

Mr Jozias van Aartsen(Mayor of the Municipality of The Hague and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands);

Professor Louise Fresco (Professor, University of Amsterdam, member of the independent review committee of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the InterAcademy Council, and former Assistant Director-General, Agriculture Department (FAO));

Professor Igor Ivanov(Professor, Moscow State Institute for International Relations and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia);

Dr Marwan Muasher(Vice-President for studies at the Carnegie Endowment, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister, Jordan);

Lord Chris Patten (Chancellor, Oxford University, Former Minister for Overseas Development at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and Former European Commissioner for External Relations); and

H.E. Judge Aldulqawi A. Yusuf (Judge, International Court of Justice)

Advisory Council

In its initial phase, The Hague Institute for Global Justice will focus on the following three themes:

- The Judiciary and Global Justice

- International Affairs, Peace Diplomacy and Global Justice

- Environment, Development and Global Justice

Research and training themes

The Institute functions is network organisation that facilitates cross-fertilisation between academia and practice. It develops an integrated and interdisciplinary approach towards issues where the lack of law and justice could lead to political, military, social or economic instability and inequality.

Global challenges such as failing states, resource conflicts (water), climate change and its multiple consequences, the changing international architecture, the effectiveness of international judicial institutions and the increasing importance of non-state actors will be central to the programme of the Institute.

Approach and …….

The working methodology of the Institute is characterised by innovative combinations of research, knowledge transfers and valorisation in multi-stakeholder international partnerships. The Hague institute for Global Justice organises conferences, seminars, courses of study and practical training, issue advice, promote public debate and engage in academically sound research relevant to public policy.

The funding is used as seed money.

We start projects on the basis of promising ideas and sound proposals, and are able to fund the start-up phase ourselves. During the first phase we test the (expected) deliverables to see if they meet real needs and if additional funding can be obtained. Positive test results lead to continuation and enlargement of the projects into programmes. Output has to be practice oriented.

…. Method

Carnegie Foundation (Peace Palace)


Leiden University, Technical University Delft and others

T.M.C. Asser Institute

Clingendael, Institute of International Relations

Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

and many others

Partners (actual sitation see:

Dutch Government

World Bank

Municipality of The Hague

Participant’s fees and contributions

More to come

Funding in the start-up phase

Partly traditional, partly new.


Support structure for academics who are active in their ‘market’, called ‘tender desk’. A unit with 4 fte:

Good knowledge of funding resources; use of alert services for tender documents

High quality administrative support during the development of funding proposals

Accurate project administration and (project) management information

Capacity to provide for project management

Funding strategy - 1

Funding resources, examples for cooperative programmes:

Zevende Kaderprogramma (FP7):

Horizon 2020 (FP8):

USIP - United States Institute of Peace:

NWO/WOTRO Social Science Collaboration India – the Netherlands:

Volkswagen Stiftung/International Focus:

AXA Research Fund (projects)

Funding strategy – 1A

Funding resources, examples for individual scholarships:

Open Society Foundations/Soros:

Open Society Foundations /Rights Initiatives:

USIP - United States Institute of Peace:

NWO Rubicon

Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung/Foundation: (fellowships inDuitsland)

AXA Research Fund (chairs, post doctoral fellowships, doctoral fellowships)

Funding strategy – 1B

Funding resources, examples for implementation, conferences and so on:

DG Development and Cooperation - EuropAid

IADB – Inter-American Development Bank (LatijnsAmerika),6160.html

OSF - Open Society Foundations /

Volkswagen Stiftung/Challenges for Academia and Society:

Funding strategy – 1C

A new approach added

* A seperate sales force

People with a ‘high profile’ fitting to this field: former ambassadors, former Ministers, and so on

Specific focused assignments

Specific contracts, partly ‘no cure - no pay’.

* The use of the tender-desk as support unit

* The company of professors to maximize the

effect of the sales operation and really acquire

substantial funding.

Funding strategy - 2