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8 th Ignition Interlock Symposium August 26-7, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Mexico Ignition Interlock: Laws, Regulations, Utilization, Effectiveness, Cost-effectiveness, and Fairness. Richard Roth, Robert Voas, Paul Marques Supported by PIRE, NHTSA, and NM TSB. 8 th Ignition Interlock Symposium August 26-7, 2007. New York Times Editorial November 25, 2006.

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New Mexico Ignition Interlock: Laws, Regulations, Utilization, Effectiveness, Cost-effectiveness, and Fairness

Richard Roth, Robert Voas, Paul Marques

Supported by PIRE, NHTSA, and NM TSB

8th Ignition Interlock Symposium

August 26-7, 2007

2007 Interlock Symposium

New york times editorial november 25 2006
New York Times Editorial November 25, 2006

.. “The initial (MADD) goal, which is backed by associations of State highway officials and car manufacturers, is to have all states do what New Mexico has already done: require that all convicted drunken drivers, even first-time offenders, have devices installed in their cars that measure alcohol in the breath and immobilized the car if levels exceed set limits.”

2007 Interlock Symposium

An ignition interlock is an electronic probation officer
An Ignition Interlock is anElectronic Probation Officer

  • Dedicated Probation Officer in Front Seat

  • On duty 24 hours per day

  • Tests and Records daily BAC’s

  • Allows only Alcohol-Free Persons to Drive.

  • Reports All Violations to the Court

  • Costs Offender only $2.30 per day. (1 less drink per day)

2007 Interlock Symposium

New mexico interlock laws
New Mexico Interlock Laws

  • 1999 Optional for 2nd and 3rd DWI.

  • 2002 Mandatory for all Aggravated and Subsequent DWIs. Indigent Fund

  • 2003 Ignition Interlock License Act: ….an alternative to revocation.

  • 2005 Mandatory Interlocks for all DWIs: 1yr for 1st ; 2 for 2nd ; 3 for 3rd ; Lifetime for 4+

2007 Interlock Symposium

Nm interlock regulations nm dot http ipl unm edu traf rules interlockrules doc
NM Interlock RegulationsNM DOT

  • Objective: To implement Interlock Laws

  • Licensing of manufacturers, service centers, operators, and installers

  • Device standards & recording requirements

  • Installation, servicing, and removal.

  • Record keeping and reporting requirements

2007 Interlock Symposium

Interlocks are effective cost effective and fair
Interlocks are Effective, Cost-Effective and Fair

  • Interlocks reduce DWI re-arrests by 40-90%

  • They reduce the economic impact of drunk driving by $3 to $7 for every $1 of cost.

  • Interlocks are perceived as a fair sanction by 85% of over 5000 offenders surveyed.

  • ..But they only work if…

  • you get them installed.

2007 Interlock Symposium

How does New Mexico compare with other states in interlock utilization?

2007 Interlock Symposium

Do interlocked offenders have a lower re arrest rate
Do Interlocked Offenders have a Lower Re-Arrest Rate? utilization?

  • Court Mandated Installations of Interlocks. --Selected as installations within 90 days after conviction. N = 3089

  • Voluntary Installations. --Selected as all others. N = 4961

2007 Interlock Symposium

Court Mandated vs Voluntary Installations utilization?

2007 Interlock Symposium

Effectiveness with Court Mandated Offenders utilization?

Comparison Groups(RED)Interlocked Groups(GREEN)

2007 Interlock Symposium

Effectiveness with Volunteers utilization?

ie. Not court-mandated

RED=Comparison GroupsGREEN=Interlocked Groups

2007 Interlock Symposium

Cravens Crash utilization?

Ignition Interlock Law

Down 36%

Down 30%

2007 Interlock Symposium

Statewide recidivism decreased. utilization?

8.0% Before

6.7% After

A 16% Reduction

2007 Interlock Symposium

Before utilization?


8.7% Before

6.2% After

A 29% Reduction

2007 Interlock Symposium

Fewer Alcohol Involved Fatal Crashes and Fatalities utilization?

2007 Interlock Symposium

Survey of interlocked offenders
Survey of Interlocked Offenders utilization?

N = 796





2007 Interlock Symposium

January to September 2006 utilization?

2007 Interlock Symposium

Interlocks Installed Per Conviction in First 9 months of 2006

Caution: this figure includes installations by persons not convicted, and changes of provider.

2007 Interlock Symposium

Interlocks Installed per DWI Arrest by County in NM 2006

Jan-Sept 2006

Caution: Includes some changes of Provider.

Room for Improvement

2007 Interlock Symposium

Proposals to close nm loopholes
Proposals to Close NM Loopholes 2006

  • Add “or electronic monitoring” for No car.

  • Vehicle Forfeiture for driving while revoked without an interlock.

  • Vehicle Immobilization or Interlock between arrest and adjudication.

  • Crime to contribute to circumvention.

  • Apply interlock sanction to juvenile offenders.

  • Mandate a period of alcohol-free DRIVING before getting unrestricted license.

2007 Interlock Symposium

Legislative recommendations
Legislative Recommendations 2006

  • Immobilization or Interlock between DWI arrest and adjudication.

  • Mandatory Interlock for at least one year for all convicted offenders with electronic monitoring or urine testing as the only alternatives.

  • Compliance Based Removal. Requirement: No recorded BAC > .05 by any driver for a year.

  • Interlock License as an Alternative to Revocation.

  • An Indigent Fund with objective standards.

  • Mandatory Period of Interlock before Unrestricted License Reinstatement.

2007 Interlock Symposium