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OMA overview and M2M-related activities Presentation to oneM2M Steering Committee PowerPoint Presentation
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OMA overview and M2M-related activities Presentation to oneM2M Steering Committee

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OMA overview and M2M-related activities Presentation to oneM2M Steering Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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OMA overview and M2M-related activities Presentation to oneM2M Steering Committee Bellevue, USA, 24 th -26 th July, 2012 Mark Cataldo, Chairman of the Board Open Mobile Alliance. OMA – Foundation, Mission and Vision. OMA F oundation Founded June 2002

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Presentation Transcript

OMA overview and M2M-related activities

Presentation to oneM2M Steering Committee

Bellevue, USA, 24th-26th July, 2012

Mark Cataldo, Chairman of the Board

Open Mobile Alliance


OMA – Foundation, Mission and Vision

OMA Foundation

  • Founded June 2002
  • Celebrating 10 years in 2012

OMA Mission

The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to facilitate global user

adoption of mobile data services by specifying market driven mobile

service enablers that ensure service interoperability across devices,

geographies, service providers, operators, and networks while allowing

businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation.

OMA Vision

    • No matter what device I have
    • No matter what service I want
    • No matter what carrier or network I am using
    • I can communicate, access and exchange information

OMA – Overview

  • Over 130 members from across the mobile/fixed value chain
  • Operators, terminal and software vendors, content and entertainment providers
  • Interoperable service enablers across multiple domains
  • Architecture, Security, Charging and Network APIs
  • Person-to-Person Communications
  • Device Capabilities
  • Access to Content
  • Services Access Interface
  • Service Customisation
  • Support in devices and networks
  • OMA service enablers: in devices and networks
  • Current and Ongoing Technical Deliverables
  • around 200 service enablers delivered since 2002
  • API Framework: building on successful collaboration with GSMA OneAPI and Parlay affiliation
  • M2M related activities in devices and in networks

OMA Service Enablers

A broad set of technologies – a vibrant Work Programme

Some of over 50 Service Enablers published in the last 18 months

OMA Device Management Smart Card V1_0

OMA Lock and Wipe Management Object V1_0

OMA Converged Address Book V1_0

OMA XML Document Management V2_1

OMA Secure Content Identification Mechanism V1_0

OMA SIP Push V1_0

OMA Location in SIP/IP Core V1_0

OMA Secure User Plane Location V2_0

OMA Mobile Search Framework V1_0

OMA Mobile Codes V1_0

OMA Mobile Advertising V1_0

OMA Mobile Spam Reporting V1_0

OMA Customised Multimedia Ringing 1.0

OMA Presence Access Layer V 1.0

OMA Mobile Spam Reporting V1.0

OMA Application Layer Security Common Functions V1.1

OMA Next Generation Service Interfaces V1.0

OMA Digital Rights Management V2.2

OMA Key Performance Indicators in OMA V1.0

OMA Smart Card Web Server V1_2

OMA Mobile SMIL V 1.0 (Reference Release)


OMA Browser Protocol Stack V1.2

OMA Push V2.1

OMA User Agent Profile V1.1

OMA Rich-media Environment V 1.0

OMA Games Services Client/Server Interface V1.0

OMA DownLoad Over The Air V2.0

OMA Browsing V2.4 (enhancements ph 2)

OMA Look and Feel Customisation

OMA On Board key Generation / Wireless Public Key Infrastructure V1.0

OMA Device Management V1_2

OMA Smart Card Web Server V1_1

OMA Presence SIMPLE V1_1

OMA Global Service Architecture V1_0 (Reference Release)

OMA IMPS Implementation Guidelines V1_3 (Reference Release)


Example usage of OMA enablers for M2M

  • OMA, GSC, ETSI …
  • OMA an active participant with GSC and ETSI
  • papers presented on how OMA enablers fit into the M2M landscape
  • over 50 industry body relationships
  • OMA DM
  • OMA Is well established in Device Management
  • Ovum estimated deployments of 1.4 billionOMA enabled devices
  • M2M perspective
  • OMA DM enablers extensible to fixed and mobile devices
  • to anything that can be connected to a network!
  • DMand other OMA enablers potential as significant contributors to M2M

OMA – M2M-related activities

  • OMA’s enablers and services
  • OMA’s enabler are building blocks, providing functionality (including APIs) which facilitate and support services creation and application developers
  • The OMA API programmeprovides standardisedinterfaces to the service infrastructure
    • OMA expertise / guidelines may be used to develop specific M2M APIs
  • OMA Home Environment Services Workshop
  • Held February 2012
  • Cooperation and mutual interests identified, including M2M space
  • Participating and cooperating groups
    • Broadband Forum
    • DECT Forum
    • Small Cell Forum
    • Home Gateway Initiative
    • Open IPTV Forum
  • Key OMA enablers for M2M devices and services
  • OMA Device Management (DM), and its Management Objects
  • OMA DM Gateway Management Object
  • OMA DM Firmware Update Management Object
  • OMA M2M Device Classification
  • OMA Lightweight M2M protocol
  • OMA Converged Personal Network Services
  • OMA Open Connection Manager API
  • … (non-exhaustive list)
  • Cooperation on development of OMA’s M2M-related enablers
  • Cooperation on ETSI M2M TC’s activities

OMA and oneM2M

  • A significant industry collaboration
  • cooperation on M2M activities amongst multiple fora can only be beneficial
  • OMA expertise, existing standards and ongoing technical activities enabling M2M devices and M2M services
  • OMA legal review of oneM2M Partnership Agreement
  • OMA has applied for oneM2M participation in Partner Type 2 category
    • questions of clarification on Partnership Agreement submitted
    • oneM2M encouraged to review and take actions as may be appropriate
  • oneM2M Technical Plenary
  • in addition to oneM2M SC participation, OMA will also participate in the TP
  • Benefits for oneM2M, benefits for OMA
  • OMA facilitates the M2M service layer, by providing its technological expertise
  • OMA invites oneM2M to exploit OMA’s service enablers to enable M2M services
  • OMA encourages oneM2M to provide requirements to develop OMA service enablers
  • OMA continues to address the markets’ M2M needs, and those of its oneM2M partners
  • OMA sees it as critical to ensure M2M technical development continues uninterrupted
  • OMA offers significant interoperability testing infrastructure/expertise for M2M services

Well defined processes

    • OMA Enablers & Deployment Suites
    • Test Cases customisation: TTCN-3 Code, IOT Test
    • Problem Reporting & bug tracking
    • Virtual Test, Bi-Lateral & face to face Test Events
  • Automation and tools
    • Tool built to support Test Engineers Community
    • Self-registration, online test results submission
    • Online forums, WikiTest, Social Networks

OMA – Interoperability testing expertise

  • OMA IOP (Process)
  • Confidence in testing regime
    • Test Event Governance
    • Confidentiality & Test Events Execution
    • Test Cases customisation per Test Session
  • OMA
  • IOP
  • Programme
  • Test On Demand
  • (Tools)
  • Trusted Zone
  • (Governance)


  • OMA
  • a well-established stable organisation created in 2002
  • over 130 members from across the value chain, globally distributed
  • developing service enablers for mobile and fixed networks
  • around 200 service enablers delivered since 2002
  • formal cooperation agreements with around 50 industry bodies
  • vibrant work programmewith many new work items, many released specifications
  • OMA, industry leader in Device Management standardisation
  • over 1.4 billion implementations of OMA Device Management FUMO
  • OMA M2M expertise
  • longstanding device management expertise
  • many M2M-related work items currently under development
  • OMA and oneM2M
  • OMA application submitted for oneM2M participation in Partner Type 2 category
  • OMA has major technical expertise and assets in enablers for M2M services
  • OMA testing infrastructure/expertise to ensure interoperability of M2M services



OMA – Organisational Structure

  • OMA Board of Directors oversee the strategic and financial governance of OMA
  • OMA Technical Plenary is responsible for technical deliverables and execution of work programme
  • OMA Working Groups are directly responsible for creating and maintaining specifications
  • OMA Task Forces address market needs such as M2M, APIs for both strategic and technical requirements

OMA – Collaboration

  • Collaboration with other bodies - including GSMA & 3GPP
  • OMA has formal cooperation agreements or frameworks with nearly 50 industry bodies
  • Reduces duplication and fragmentation
  • Strategic programmeof liaisons with appointed Board level champions to other bodies
  • Our industry partners

More Information

2012 Q1 OMA Quarterly Newsletter

OMA API Press Release, 21 September 2011

Full list of OMA Mobile Service Enablers



Chairman of the Board, OMA

Mark Cataldo, Orange

Membership and Organisational Information

Seth Newberry, General Manager, OMA