hitler s rain of terror by jesus garcia n.
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Hitler’s Rain of Terror By: Jesus Garcia PowerPoint Presentation
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Hitler’s Rain of Terror By: Jesus Garcia

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Hitler’s Rain of Terror By: Jesus Garcia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hitler’s Rain of Terror By: Jesus Garcia. Hitler as a Leader.

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hitler as a leader
Hitler as a Leader

*To the eyes of many Hitler was considered monster, but he was indeed a leader. Not only because of the things he did, but of the characteristics of a leader. A leader is considered as a person who rules, guides, or inspires someone, and Hitler did in fact some of these things.

the nazis
The Nazis

*It was estimated that Hitler had around 20,000 Nazi followers but after the attempted assassination of Hitler, had all soldiers including Wehrmact, swear an oath of alliance to him.

why hitler was different from others
Why Hitler was different from others

*What Hitler did that made him different was that he had to do with the Holocaust.

*The Holocaust was a systematic and deliberate attempt to extinguish the Jewish people during the second world war.

*It was predicted that during the Holocaust Hitler had killed a total of 6 million Jews.

1933 1945

*Hitler was in power from 1933 up until the day he committed suicide on April 30, 1945.

*During the years he ruled he killed many Jews on effective way was by using concentration camps where he would send of the Jews to work all day and feed them only a tiny amount until they would die.

a positive hitler
A Positive Hitler

*Although Hitler killed many Jews, some people saw him as doing good, they saw Jews as the lowest form of people and that they were responsible for everything bad that happened, and thought that Hitler was doing good by getting rid of them.

a n egative hitler
A Negative Hitler

*While some looked at Hitler as someone doing good he was a horrible man who killed many Jews one of which his concentration camps where he would have many forms to kill Jews, either by starving them to death or working them to death.

*But his worst ways were the gas chamber and the ovens where he would put large amount of Jews and would either burn or poison them.

hitler s background
Hitler’s Background

*As a child Hitler was abused by his dad and expected by his mom to become a monk. But things changed when he got expelled from school for smoking. After that he perused a dream of being in fine arts but his father did not approve although he ignored his father and tried he later got rejected. When his father had died he dropped out of school. But a few years later his mom died and had to rely on charity for things. He later moved to Vienna and it was there where his hatred of Jews started to grow.

hitler s hatred towards the jews
Hitler’s hatred towards the Jews

*Hitler didn’t hate Jews since he was a kid, he slowly grew up starting to hate them after he moved to Vienna and soaked up extreme German nationalism.

*Also he wanted to destroy the Jews because of his distorted view of Social Darwinism (survival of the fittest) believing that with the destruction of the inferior races he insures the survival of the German race.