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Do Now: Full, complete sentence

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Do Now: Full, complete sentence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objectives: SWBAT distinguish between cause, manner, mechanism, and time of death. Do Now: Full, complete sentence

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Objectives: SWBAT distinguish between cause, manner, mechanism, and time of death

Do Now:

Full, complete sentence

As your travel along a roadside, you and your friend notice a dead deer. Your friend comments that she has never seen such a fat, swollen deer. How would you explain to your friend why the abdominal region of the dead deer was so large?

How can insects be used to impact a case?

How can being buried underground in a cardboard box affect insect activity?

  • For each of the following pictures identify the (1) manner, cause, mechanism, (2) Stage of decomposition. and (3) approximate time of death Support your answer with characteristics.

Jake Hamlin was found in his home strangled by a telephone cord. His wife Hannah Hamlin was the last person to be seen with him. She was now nowhere to be found.





Insect Activity:

Time of Death:

claim evidence and reason
Claim, Evidence and Reason


  • This is the idea that you are trying to prove.
  • The claim is a testable statement or conclusion that answers the original question.

Raw Data: This is the observable items. Ex (a shoe, a blood stain, bubbles)

Evidence: This section will include the facts. It will turn the raw data into something that can be used in court.


Claim: statement (Jury)

  • Raw Data: observable items (Witness)
  • Evidence: how can raw data support your claim (Detective)
  • Reasoning: how does the evidence support your claim (Attorney)


  • This is where you will put your ideas about what the evidence means.
  • Reasoning explains why your claim is true.
  • Include the scientific background knowledge that allowed them to make that connection between claim and evidence..
  • Builds your argument to prove your point
  • Reasoning is a justification that shows why the data counts as evidence to support the claim and includes appropriate scientific principles.
exit ticket
Exit Ticket
  • How can time of death be used in a case to convict a suspect?
  • A body was found in North Carolina with larvae of a blowfly only found in Atlanta. Provide an explanation of this discovery.
  • Describe claim, raw data, evidence and reasoning.