relating narrative theory to love lies low n.
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Relating narrative theory to Love Lies Low

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Relating narrative theory to Love Lies Low - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Relating narrative theory to Love Lies Low. Kate Williams. Todorov.

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The film ‘Love Lies Low’ fits in to Todorov’s theory. This is through the relationship being normal at first. The pair grow apart and break up, turning this into the disequilibrium. The main character then seeks revenge on his ex girlfriend who is now in a new relationship which would be the conflict. The resolution of the film is that their relationship will never be the same as too much as happened, and they are seen to go their separate way as she feels he is too controlling.

levi strauss

The film ‘Love Lies Low’ also fits into Levi-Strauss’ theory. This is through the stalker still being in love with his ex girlfriend whilst she has formed a hate for him. It is because of this love/hate binary that the film can tie in with his theory. There is a constant conflict as he is still in love and fighting for her by stalking her every move. The fact she has moved on shows she now hates her ex boyfriend ad therefore following this theory.


The film also fits in with one of Barthes’ theories. This is the semic code as the audience only realises she is his ex girlfriend through non-diagetic voice over and connotations through the Facebook page showing she is in a new relationship. The pictures on the walls also express he loved/ still loves her. This was done so it didn’t have to be announced that they were no longer together.


Propp’s theory of narrative is driven by the characters using a set of narrative functions. This includes a hero, villain, princess and false hero. My film ‘Love Lies Low’ fits in with this theory to some extent. Within the film there is a princess, a hero, donor and a villain. The donor gives the villain (the main character) access to CCTV footage. The hero would be the new boyfriend who is trying to protect his new girlfriend from being armed. The girl that the ex boyfriend is still in love with would be the princess. This would be because she is the reward for all his persistence in trying to win her back.