mango 101 compliments of progreso produce l.
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Mango 101 Compliments of Progreso Produce PowerPoint Presentation
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Mango 101 Compliments of Progreso Produce

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Mango 101 Compliments of Progreso Produce - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mango 101 Compliments of Progreso Produce. Mango Varieties. T O M M Y  A T K I N S Medium to large (16 to 24 oz.), oval or oblong shape, golden to greenish skin with crimson blush, mild sweet flavor with pineapple or peach notes, firm, fairly fibrous texture.

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mango varieties
Mango Varieties

T O M M Y  A T K I N SMedium to large (16 to 24 oz.), oval or oblong shape, golden to greenish skin with crimson blush, mild sweet flavor with pineapple or peach notes, firm, fairly fibrous texture.

H A D E NMedium to large (16 to 24 oz.), oval or round shape, smooth skin that turns from green to yellow with red highlights, overlaid by yellow and white dots, luscious flavor, firm texture.

K E I T TLarge (20 to 26 oz.), oval shape, green skin with slight dark red blush aromatic with berry and peach flavor notes, very smooth texture.

K E N TLarge (20 to 26 oz.), oval shape, greenish skin with dark red blush and small yellow dots, vibrant juicy flavor, tender texture.

A T A U L F OSmall (6 to 12 oz.), flattened oval shape, thin canary yellow skin, delicate spicy-sweet flavor, buttery texture. The favorite mango of aficionados world wide.

mango varieties3
Mango Varieties
  • Red Varieties
    • 75% Tommy
      • (looks best but stringy fiber when eaten)
    • 15% Haden
    • 5% Kent
    • 5% Keitt
      • (least fiberous-best red for eating, but looks bad)
  • Yellow Varieties
    • Ataulfo (best eating)
mango ripening
Mango Ripening
  • A ripe mango yields to the touch similar to the peach.
  • Color is dependent on variety and not a sign of ripeness. Tommy’s and Hadens will turn yellow as they ripen, but all other varieites will retain their same color as they ripen.
  • A fragrant scent is also an indication of ripeness
  • Mango ripening can be sped up by warming the fruit.
  • Consumers can ripen the fruit by storing in paper bags
mango sourcing
Mexico – 57%

Brazil – 11%

Ecuador – 10%

Peru – 10%

Guatamala – 7%

Haiti – 3%

Costa Rica – 1%

US Imports:

253,591 tons/year

Value of Imports:

$141 million

8-10 major US suppliers

15-20 seasonal suppliers

Mango Sourcing
mango facts
Mango Facts
  • Most popular fruit in the world…yet widely unknown in the U.S.
  • Consumption Per Capita – 1.8 lbs
  • Consumption has doubled in last 10 years. Primarily because of increased ethnic populations and education and exposure to Anglo consumer.
  • The US market for mangoes in 2000/2001 exceeded $75 million but only makes up about 1.5% of all fruit sales.
demographic profile
Demographic Profile
  • Predominant attraction to Hispanics, Asians & African/Americans
  • Socioeconomic Profile is low income w/ large families or high income
  • Age profile is typically 45-64 either empty nest or mature family
mango procurement
Mango Procurement
  • Offer more than one variety and size to appeal to different demographics
  • Offer small sizes in the Hispanic areas, larger sizes in the upper income areas and yellow Haitian varieties in some Asian areas.
  • Green varieties (Keith and Kent) are favorites in the the Asian and East Indian areas
mango merchandising
Mango Merchandising
  • Cold chain is critical for preconditioned fruit. Store at 48 degrees. Fruit that is not preconditioned should be stored at 55 degrees or higher to speed ripening if necessary
  • Mangoes are bought in multiples of 3-4 or 6+ at a time so sell in boxes or price by multiples.
  • Mangoes sell best when large displays of ripe fruit are displayed. At least a 70:30 ratio. Order preconditioned fruit
  • Label or sign ready to eat fruit
  • Demos and sampling are important to expose new consumers to the product.
  • Education is important with new fruit to explain ripeness, flavor, preparation and more
merchandising impact
Merchandising Impact


* None to Low

** Below Average

*** Average

**** Above Average

***** Superior