steps that led to the declaration of independence n.
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Steps that led to The Declaration of Independence PowerPoint Presentation
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Steps that led to The Declaration of Independence

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Steps that led to The Declaration of Independence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Steps that led to The Declaration of Independence

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  1. Steps that led to The Declaration of Independence King of England (King George) vs. The Colonies

  2. Jamestown Colony • First permanent settlement established in 1607 • Pretty much ran itself with little royal involvement until 1754 (150 years)

  3. French Indian War1754-1763 • Known as the 7 Years War between France and England over the land in North America. • The British won the war but at a huge financial expense.

  4. Taxation without Representation • To pay for the war King George started to enforce taxes on the colonist. • The colonist responded stating that there should be “No Taxation without Representation!”

  5. Events of Taxation • The King enforces taxes on all goods to help pay for the cost of war • Colonist responded by smuggling in and out taxed goods • The king declares a Writ of Assistance, blank search warrants to search any colonist quarters anytime (4th amendment)

  6. Taxation Continued • The King also enforces the Stamp Act as a result of the smuggling of goods • A tax on all paper goods. • All documents must be written on paper purchased through England and the paper must carry a stamp or seal made of silver from the King • Documents such as: newspapers, diplomas, wills, marriage licenses, liquor licenses, deeds, playing cards • Colonist (Sons of Liberty) responded by burning down warehouses that had the paper stored in them.

  7. Taxation Continued • The King responded by enforcing the Townshend Acts • Tax on many goods such as: paper, glass, paint, lead and tea. • Colonists responded by boycotting all English goods. • King put Redcoats on the ports forcing trade. • Boston Massacre: snowball fight gone bad (5 colonists dead)

  8. Taxation Continued • The King backed off and removed all taxes on everything but tea • Boston Tea Party, on December 16th 1773 colonists split open and dumped 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor dressed as Native Americans.

  9. Taxation Continued • The Kings response to the Boston Tea Party was the Intolerable Acts • The King closed the Boston Harbor until the tea was paid for • All representative government was revoked in the Massachusetts colony

  10. First Continental Congress

  11. The First Continental Congress was a convention set up by twelve of the thirteen colonies (56 delegates) in response to the Intolerable Acts (aka: Coercive Acts) • They wrote a list of rights and grievances to the King which eventually through changes became “The Declaration of Independence” • The 1st Continental Congress eventually led to the 2nd Continental Congress (post Revolutionary War, which led to the creation of the “US Constitution”

  12. Declaration of Independence

  13. 2nd Continental Congress • The 2nd Continental Congress created the specific document called Declaration of Independence