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FINAL ACT Brand Activation Finals PowerPoint Presentation
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FINAL ACT Brand Activation Finals

FINAL ACT Brand Activation Finals

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FINAL ACT Brand Activation Finals

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  1. FINAL ACTBrand Activation Finals October 12 / 15, 2011

  2. Brand Act Finals • Presentation Days: SDL: October 12, 2010. 1:30pm onwards SCL: October 15, 2010. 1:30pm onwards • No one leaves before every group has presented • A Panel will be present to act as your clients. • All presentations will follow the format given.

  3. FINAL ACT Teams – SDL Brand: MONGOL PENCIL Group 1: Torres. Dio. Morales. Valerio. Santos. Rupisan Group 2: Dumpit. Garcia. Gonzales. Miller. Reyes Group 3: Canzana. Nathani. Fulgencio. DelaCruz. Espino Group4: Briones. Goyena. Sujanani. Valdez. Serrano Group 5: Abat. Advento. DelRosario. Manich. Teodoro

  4. FINAL ACT Teams – SCLBrand: Hello Panda 1. Jade Sison, Maika Cruz, Nikka Velilla, Febe Lomboy, Tara Lapiz
2. Alyana Joy Dalisay, Jamie Garcia, Teenteen Caluag, Rey Lanada, Christian Louie Tubongbanua
3. Danna Viola, Tata Salcedo, Marielle Lajara, Anneli Cedenio, Gieka Pascua
4. Daryl Diaz, Krista Romero, Renz Mistal, Regina David, Andrew Estera
5. Ferry Chavez, Andy Banson, Rods Escobar, Dirk Romualdez, Nic Veluz, Andreo Bongco

  5. FINAL ACT Mechanics • MAKE THE PRESENTATIONS BRIEF BUT IMPACTFUL! Groups will be given 15-20 minutes of presentation time each. Maximum 3 mins. to set-up. If the panel deems the presentation to be dragging, they can make you go faster. • There will be 10 minutes of Q&A for each group. • ALL MEMBERS MUST ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE, NOT JUST DESIGNATED MEMBERS. - In Presentation - In Answering questions - Each team member must have a defined role; and he/she will be evaluated according to his/her role in the presentation. • PPT / Keynote presentations are required and must be submitted. Mock-ups of creative materials welcome. What is submitted is considered the FINAL material. • Hard copies of your presentations are needed for each member of the panel (handout formats are OK even on recycled paper, but READABLE). These shall be given before the presentation. • So, there will be a group rating, and individual ratings. (meaning the group’s rating will not necessarily by the individual’s rating).

  6. FINAL ACT Contents • Intersection Strategy: Path to Intersection - What is Our Challenge? - What are we trying to Achieve? (Activation Objectives) - Who is our Target Consumer? (Define/describe the target consumer. List key information from our Consumer Snapshot. How do they interact, relate or feel about the brand? What is their current attitude/behavior toward the brand? What role does the brand currently play in their life?) - What is our Consumer Insight? - What is the ONE thing we want the target to feel about the brand? - What is the action we want consumer to take in relation to the brand? (Desired consumer behavior.) 2. The Big Conceptual Idea that will permeate the entire activation campaign. What experiences do you want to create, and why? 3. Your Proposed Activation Campaign: Full Execution. Presentation is an integrated campaign utilizing as many APPROPRIATE activation tactics as necessary. (important note: you have to justify why you are employing that particular tactic or activity.) 4. Q & A.

  7. Good Luck, and Rock n’ Roll!