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Edmodo shout mix

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Edmodo shout mix. Connie Nyenhuis 5 th grade teacher Sioux Falls Christian Elementary. Chatting and blogging in a classroom is like a tootsie roll pop!. It keeps your mouth quiet!. research.

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edmodo shout mix

Edmodoshout mix

Connie Nyenhuis

5th grade teacher

Sioux Falls Christian Elementary


Four skill areas highlighted as especially important for students since the Internet’s infusion into the global market are the ability to:

  • Collaborate
  • Communicate
  • Acquire and sift through information
  • Solve problems

Karchmer, Rachel A. "The Journey Ahead: Thirteen Teachers Report How the Internet Influences Literacy and Literacy Instruction in Their K-12 Classrooms." Reading Research Quarterly 36.4 (2001): 442-66. Print.

whoever is doing most of the talking or most of the typing is doing most of the learning
"Whoever is doing most of the talking or most of the typing is doing most of the learning”

“Class discussions provide excellent opportunities for people to listen, think and speak. They have a few problems though. First, only one person can speak at once. Second, some people are too shy to speak.

Chatting solves these two problems. Chatting is as natural to our students as picking up the phone is to us (for many, chatting is actually more natural). While chatting, students can all ‘talk’ and listen at once. Many students who are nervous about speaking, have no trouble typing their thoughts.”


"What is Edmodo?A private social platform for teachers and students to share ideas, files, events and assignments.”
Edmodo Tutorial at:


Now it’s your turn!


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shout mix

Shout mix