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The Little Dipper

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The Little Dipper. By BrockB . The Little dipper makes up 7 stars. It has the North Star in it. . The Little Dipper is in the Northern Hemisphere and has seven stars. What time of year it can be seen:. It’s visible all year round in the north. 3 Important Facts.

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what time of year it can be seen
What time of year it can be seen:
  • It’s visible all year round in the north.
3 important facts
3 Important Facts
  • The North Star can be found in the Little Dipper.
  • The North Star is found on the end of the Dippers.
  • Ursa Minor was used to guide slaves to the north and freedom during the civil war
  • The Little Dipper never goes under sea level in the northern hemisphere
myth of the little dipper
Myth of the Little Dipper
  • Ursa minor is one of the oldest , oldest constellations. Zeus turned Arcas ‘s mother into a bear. Arcas shot the bear in the heart. Arcas was upset. Zeus put his mother in the sky as a constellation. Zues also put Arcas as a little bear as a constellation in the sky.