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Overview of Global Mining Equipment Makers PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of Global Mining Equipment Makers

Overview of Global Mining Equipment Makers

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Overview of Global Mining Equipment Makers

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  1. A Comparison of Recent Announcements by Caterpillar, Joy Global, Volvo Construction Equipment, Komatsu and Hitachi Construction Machinery June 4th, 2012 Overview of Global Mining Equipment Makers

  2. Mining & Construction Grew Globally for Equipment Manufacturers in latest quarter • Komatsu increased sales in every region except China • Hitachi Construction Machinery is forecasting growth in 2012 in all markets except Europe and Japan • Caterpillar noted the sales decline in China, but had its best quarter on strong sales in America and globally • Joy Global saw recent quarterly sales grow 24% in underground and surface mining • Volvo Construction Equipment announced overall sales growth of 16% for the recent quarter, and maintained a leading position in China in partnership with SDLG

  3. Examples of Mining Equipment: Large Hydraulic Excavators

  4. Large Hydraulic Excavators Are Mining Workhorses

  5. Example: Hitachi Product Information Stresses Operator and Field Management Improvements The EX8000-6 model improvements include: New Tier-2 Cummins engines New widescreen color LCD multifunction monitor Updated Machine Information Center measures 58 items versus 12 from previous model New 45-degree folding-type service ladder New large utility space in the back of cab – big enough for a table and a refrigerator Hitachi Global e-Service enables owners to download critical field data to their office for remote field monitoring. Complete Machine Information Center (MIC) data can be downloaded in the field with a laptop computer.

  6. How Do Global Companies Define their Mining Equipment Divisions?

  7. Joy Global is a Leader in Mining Solutions, Both Surface and Underground

  8. Mining is 90% of Caterpillar's Resource Industries Division

  9. The Mining Sector is Defined by a Global Scope in Locations and Economic Trends

  10. Komatsu has Identified Emerging Markets as Strategic to its Growth Globally

  11. 74% of Hitachi Construction's Sales are Overseas

  12. Hitachi Estimates Global Demand for Hydraulic Excavators Hit a New High in 2011

  13. Caterpillar Believes it is Well-Positioned for the Long-term Growth Areas in Mining

  14. Caterpillar Has Identified Trends that are Driving Mining Globally and its Strategy

  15. Company Focus: Joy Global Identifies its Customer Priorities and Aligns it's Priorities

  16. Joy Global is Focused on Priority Issues for its Mining Customers

  17. Joy Global is Highlighting an Extensive Service Network as a Differentiator

  18. Operational Excellence and Execution in Mining Equipment

  19. Tracking Investment in Equipment by Mining Companies

  20. Are Joint-Ventures the Way Forward in China: Volvo Construction and SDLG

  21. Volvo Construction Was less Affected by the Slowdown in China than Others

  22. Komatsu Identifies Autonomous Vehicles as an Area for Investment in Mining Equipment

  23. Komatsu is Investing in Driverless Vehicles and Other IT-driven Advances

  24. Looking at the Mining Equipment Makers' Customers: BHP and Rio Tinto

  25. Customers of the Equipment Manufacturers Re-affirm the Demand Drivers for Mining

  26. Macro Trends Driving Mining Revenues, and therefore Demand for Equipment

  27. China Demand for Steel is a Key Factor in the Mining Sector

  28. Miners Focus on their Areas of Expertise, Partner with Suppliers to Help Realize Targets

  29. Customers and Suppliers in the Mining Sector Both See Innovation as Key to Driving Value

  30. Thank You! Look at from June 10th, 2012 to see a section with links on different companies in the mining sector. Contact the Editor at editor (a) for any questions.