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Networking Research Infrastructure NCPs. National Hellenic Research Foundation (EKT/NHRF) Project Monitoring & Coordination Unit EuroRIs-NET Coordinator Mrs. Dora Farmaki e-mail: [email protected] Networking Research Infrastructure NCPs.

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Infrastructure NCPs

National Hellenic Research Foundation(EKT/NHRF)

Project Monitoring & Coordination Unit

EuroRIs-NET Coordinator Mrs. Dora Farmaki

e-mail: [email protected]


Research Infrastructure NCPs

  • EuroRIs-Net: Contract no:212879, Call identifier: FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2007-1

    • Coordination & Support Action (funded under FP7) for Networking European Research Infrastructures National Contact Points

    • Starting Date: November 1st 2007, Duration: 48 months

    • Consortium:RI NCPs of more than 35 countries:

  • EU Member States, Associated States &

  • Russia, Canada, South Africa & UK as observer

Main objectives of euroris net

To ensure the effective implementation of the RI Programme by fostering cooperation among National Contact Points (RIs NCPs)

To upgrade the professional skills of the RI NCPs network at European level in order to improve its coherence

To provide coherent, high-quality services and to increase the visibility of the RI Programme to the scientific communities, industrial sector and users of RIs at Pan-European level

Networking with other NCP networks for the promotion of RI Programme capabilities and to cultivate a “wide culture on RIs” across Europe

Main objectives of EuroRIs-Net

Important milestones of euroris net 1

Kick-off Meeting: 13/11/2007, Brussels by fostering cooperation among National Contact Points (RIs NCPs)

Web site:

The EuroRisNet project Press Releases

Dissemination across Europe of e-newsletters (2 issues, up to now)

Participation and dissemination of information in major RI European Events

Short Video / RI Success stories / Leaflet & poster dissemination

Virtual Help Desk / FAQs / Structured project lists / Call Statistics

Internal Surveys / External Survey: New users for existing RIs -> RI coordinators

Discussion Forums on RI European Initiatives

1st Training Seminar (& Info Day on e-infrastructures)

Important Milestones of EuroRIs-Net (1)

Important milestones of euroris net 2

1 by fostering cooperation among National Contact Points (RIs NCPs)st European EuroRIs-Net Workshop, December 12th 2008, Paris (within the framework of the French Presidency of the E.U.)

Speakers & attendees:

Consortium members and P.O., EC representatives, ESFRI members, RI PC members, RI I3 project coordinators, other NCP networks coordinators

Highlights (based on main conclusions):

Support the intensification of communication of existing RIs to potential users (scientific communities, Industry etc.) & communication among RI Project Coordinators & NCPs

Support the optimization of existing RIs parallel in order to extract future needs on Research Infrastructures

Foster cooperation with other NCP Networks / identify synergies

Identification & dissemination of good practices / case studies / formalization in terms of knowledge diffusion & exploitation

Highlight the importance of Regional Impact

Important Milestones of EuroRIs-Net (2)

E uro ri s n et coordination activities

Synergies with FP7 by fostering cooperation among National Contact Points (RIs NCPs)thematic NCPs who can operate as multipliers and promote RIs - Complementarity with other FP7 Programmes

Promotion of RI Programme that will expand the target groups and users of RIs across Europe

Enhancement of collaboration with the RI NCPs of ICPC countries






EuroRIs-Net coordination activities

Euroris net project implementation

The implementation of EuroRIs-Net will ensure: by fostering cooperation among National Contact Points (RIs NCPs)

Coordination and synergies between NCPs networks

Raising awareness of Research Infrastructures across Europe

High quality, consistent RIs NCP service across Europe for the benefit of users, scientific society, industry, potential proposers and projects consortia

EuroRIs-Net project implementation

Euroris net activities and s ervices

Two European workshops (for participants professionally involved with RIs)

2008, France (within the framework of French Presidency of EU)

2011, Italy

Promotion of the project at pan-European conferences (poster, presentation, leaflet, video) – see our website:

Maintaining website with e-newsletter, success stories, press releases, etc.

Collaboration with thematic FP7 NCPs

Support of specific groups (less involved research fields, less involved regions)

Exchange of information and good practices within the network

Service for RI users: simple tool to identify RI projects offering transnational access and services

EuroRIs-Net ActivitiesandServices

Euroris net e xpected im pact

Contribution to an integrated European approach towards RIs and to an increased investment in RIs

More efficient implementation of the RI Programme

Synergy with other NCP Networks

Better professional skills of NCPs

Increased participation of less involved research fields and convergence and outermost regions

Better access of ICPC countries to information on RIs

Better quality of proposals to be submitted

Simplified transnational access to RIs

EuroRIs-Net ExpectedImpact

More info

More Info and to an increased investment in RI

RIs contact details of each Country:

EuroRIs-NET coordinator contact data:

Dora Farmaki:[email protected]

Maria Samara:[email protected]

Research Infrastructures under FP7:

EuroRIs-Net site / e-mail:

[email protected]

Project's Leaflet + Poster