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Revision Techniques. Flashcards. What is a Flashcard?.

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What is a flashcard
What is a Flashcard?

  • A flashcard one in a set of cards (a set is called a ‘deck’) bearing information, as words or numbers, on both sides, used in the classroom or in private study. One writes a question on a card and the answer overleaf. Flashcards can be used for vocabulary, historical dates, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format. Flashcards are widely used as a learning tool to aid memorization by way of reading and repeating.

Revision techniques

How do I make a flashcard?

  • All you need is paper or card cut to the size of a playing card and a pen.

  • Think of a topic within one of your subjects. For example; photosynthesis. You would then create a ‘deck’ of cards called ‘Photosynthesis’.

Revision techniques

  • In your ‘Photosynthesis’ deck you would write a series of questions with the answer on the other side. For example ‘Where does the energy come from that causes photosynthesis?’ and on the reverse of the card you would write ‘the sun’.

Revision techniques

  • Writing out flashcard is a form of study too. As when you are thinking about what to write, you are revising. Don’t think it will be enough simply to read through the flashcards. It won’t. Very few of us have a photographic memory. You will need to repeat and repeat the process.

  • Someone in your family (or a friend) could test you by going through your decks with you.

Revision techniques

  • There are lots of other ways to use the flashcard technique. are thinking about what to write, you are revising. Don

  • Check out

  • If you have a smartphone there are lots of free flashcard apps. You could have all your decks in your pocket at once and study whenever and wherever you want!

Revision techniques

Check out are thinking about what to write, you are revising. Don


There are lots of flashcard apps available. Bearsden Academy does not recommend any one over any other!

Revision techniques

Flashcards do not offer the complete answer to studying. are thinking about what to write, you are revising. Don

You should give them a go to see if they work for you.

They work well for subjects where you have to remember facts, theories and vocabulary or in subjects that use question and answer formats.

You’ll find they work for some subjects better than others.

Revision techniques

Flashcards are thinking about what to write, you are revising. Don

Give them a go!