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Why are we here?. No more need for vis-à-vis markers!. Number Spinner. Color Wheel Spinner. The evolution of technology in schools…. A little about me….

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Why are we here
Why are we here?

No more need for vis-à-vis markers!

A little about me
A little about me…

I have been using the Interwrite pad in my classroom over the past three years and was asked to share my experience and knowledge with the software to my colleagues.

I think the Interwrite has been a life saver and has helped me create “effective, challenging, and engaging lessons” on a daily basis!

My Goal for Today’s Workshop:By the end of the workshop, every participant will be able to use the Interwrite pad in their own classroom.

Today s agenda
Today’s Agenda:

  • 1. Setting up the Interwrite Pad in your classroom.

  • 2. Work through:

    • Module 1: Getting Started with Workspace

    • ***Module 2: Creating Interactive Content

    • Module 3: Engaging Content with Learners

    • Module 4: Integrating Multimedia Resources

    • Module 5: Using Workspace with Other Applications

    • Module 6: eInstruction Product Suite Integration

    • Module 7: Customizing Workspace

  • 3. Content Creation and Practice Time

First things first
First Things First…

  • 1. Charging the Interwrite Pad (Be sure the pen is secured in holster).

  • 2. Turning on the Interwrite Pad and Opening the Interwrite Program from eInstruction.

  • 3. Connecting the Interwrite Pad.

  • 4. Changing the toolbar size to 40 x 40.

  • 5. Setting up the Gallery Database.

5 interwrite workspace gallery setup
#5. Interwrite Workspace Gallery Setup


Module 1 getting started with workspace
Module 1: Getting Started with Workspace

  • “Preferences”

  • Workspace Pages: blank (white) pages, colored pages, lined pages, graph paper pages, gradient pages (2 and 4 colors), image pages, calendar pages….and more!

  • Once you set up pages, you can simply add an additional page in a one click step

Interactive modes
Interactive Modes

  • Mouse Mode

  • Annotate Mode

    Video -

Your turn
Your turn…

  • Create 3-5 pages. Try to use a variety of pages.

Module 2 creating interactive content
Module 2: Creating Interactive Content

  • Toolbar – How to use items in the toolbox.

  • A description of each item can be found on the wikispace page:


Math tools
Math Tools

  • Video on how to use some of the math tools such as a ruler, protractor, & compass.

Module 3 engaging content with learners
Module 3: Engaging Content with Learners

  • All lessons are improved with the use of the Interwrite.

  • Students LOVE to use the pads and are able to….SHARE THE LOVE!

  • Features: Spotlight, Curtain, Gradient Backgrounds

  • Video:

Module 4 integrating multimedia resources
Module 4: Integrating Multimedia Resources

  • Using the Document Camera incorporated in an Interwrite lesson.

  • Math Lesson Example

Multimedia resources
Multimedia Resources

  • Adding a sound file

Multimedia resources1
Multimedia Resources

  • Adding a Video File

Multimedia resources2
Multimedia Resources

  • Record and Playback

Multimedia resources3
Multimedia Resources

  • Videos:


Your turn1
Your Turn!!!

  • Use the record and playback multimedia resource!

  • Try adding an audio or video file!

Module 5 using workspace with other applications
Module 5: Using Workspace with Other Applications

  • Creating hyperlinks. Found on the properties bar at the bottom of the page.


Your turn2
Your turn…

  • Create a hyperlink on a page.

Module 6 einstruction product suite integration
Module 6: eInstruction Product Suite Integration

  • 3 videos


Module 7 customizing workspace
Module 7: Customizing Workspace

  • There are videos on the website that you can refer back to when in your classroom.

How to save an interwrite lesson onto your webpage
How to Save an Interwrite Lesson onto Your Webpage

  • Simply click on the workspace menus (drop arrow on the top right of the toolbar) and click “Export PDF file.” It will then save this file as a PDF.

  • Once this file is saved, you should be able to upload it on in10sity without any trouble!

Extra special features
Extra Special Features!

  • Page Transitions

  • Gallery Walk!

    • Look at the different subject areas in the gallery!

The more you play with the Interwrite Pad and software, the easier it becomes!!!“The expert at anything was once a beginner” Helen Hayes


  • I hope you learned at least one new thing.

  • You can always find someone to help you with the Interwrite software at your school…just ask.

  • Chad Haller, 5th Grade Math @ Cherokee Bend. Feel free to e-mail me!

Practice creation time
Practice/Creation Time:

  • I am around to help you with any questions you may have. I will do my best to help you out!