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Viking Weapons & Armor PowerPoint Presentation
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Viking Weapons & Armor

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Viking Weapons & Armor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Viking Weapons & Armor. Why I’m interested .

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Viking Weapons & Armor

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    1. Viking Weapons & Armor

    2. Why I’m interested I’m interested in this topic because. I like the weapons the viking use like the Seax, Spear, Sword, and Armor which im going to talk about in this power point. The weapons interest me because. I like the unique design on each weapon and each piece of armor and shield.

    3. The Viking Sword The Viking sword was used for single handed use. The blade Length is typically 60-80 cm long. The Sword was made up of carbon Steel. The high carbon steel gave it durability. The low Carbon steel gave it Flexibility.

    4. The Viking Spear The Viking spear was the Most common weapon Of the Viking warriors. The length of the spear heads Measured at 20-60 cm long. These heads were mounted On to wooden shafts of 2-3 Meters long. The spear was Used for throwing and, thrusting. The spear was actually used in One hand.

    5. The Viking knife (Seax) The viking knife also known As the Seax is a large knife. It Is single edged commonly Carried by freemen in Norse society. It was a deadly side Arm In war. The Seax was in widespread use among the Migration period Germanic Tribes.

    6. The Viking Helmet The Viking helmet was made up Of iron, and was in the shape of Rounded or peaked cap made From four plates. It was made in Buskerud, Norway. The eye guard in particular suggests a close affinity with the earlier Vendal period helmets. The Helmet had a nose guard.

    7. Viking Shield The Viking shield was the most common means of defence. Traditional shield were made from linden wood. Round shield seem to have varied in size from around 45-120 cm in diameter

    8. What I Learned I learned that the Viking shield was most common means of defence. I also learned that the Seax was the most deadly side arm in battle. I learned that the Viking spear was the most common weapon used in battles. That’s all the interesting things I learned. This could be important to others if they are doing a project on Viking’s. It also could be important if your just interested in the topic.