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My Survey Results

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My Survey Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Survey Results. Topic: Your Neighborhood. Introduction.

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Your Neighborhood



My survey was about your neighborhood. I asked questions like what they thought about there neighborhood. I asked how safe they thought their community was and how clean was it. I also asked if they were proud to live in this neighborhood. Lastly I also asked them what they liked and disliked about living in this neighborhood.


1. How safe do you feel in this neighborhood?

As you can see from my results most people don’t feel safe in this neighborhood. I think most people don’t feel safe because of all the shootings and the gangs.


2. How clean is this neighborhood?

I think most people chose that it was moderately clean because even though it’s not as clean as most people would want it to be it is also not so dirty. For the most part the city tries to keep the parks as clean as possible and also cleans the streets about twice a month.


3. How proud are you to live in this neighborhood?

Most people chose moderately proud because this neighborhood isn’t jus bad it also has some good things to be proud of and I think some of the people also chose moderately proud because they really didn’t care.


4. What do you like most about this neighborhood?

For this question most people answered that the thing they like most about this neighborhood was that they lived close to friends and family and that it was a nice and safe neighborhood to live in.


5. What do you like least about this neighborhood?

For this question most people answered that the thing they like least about this neighborhood was that there was too much violence, too much drugs were used here and also that there was a lot of gangs and tagging.



After doing this survey I learned that most people don’t feel safe in this neighborhood and they think its moderately clean. I also found out that most people aren’t really proud to live here. Most people just like living here because they live near friends and they have a lot of places to buy near their homes. The thing most people didn’t like though was that there were too many gangs and too much drugs here.