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Lands & Resources

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Strategic Planning Results. Lands & Resources. What do you feel are some priority areas that the Lands and Resources department should focus on?. Additional Ideas: Small business , lodging resorts Protecting trees, plants and medicines, land resources/animal inhabitants

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What do you feel are some priority areas that the Lands and Resources department should focus on?

Additional Ideas:

Small business , lodging resorts

Protecting trees, plants and medicines, land resources/animal inhabitants

Exploration of leasing cottage lots between Pic River and Black River

More political statements, media relations/communications

Specialized personnel

Environmental activity clean up

Relationship/trust building with community members, elders, youth

Develop a consultation website

Land Claim

Lands and Resources Team updates



Is there adequate information available with respect to our Comprehensive Land Claim?

If not, what sort of information and in what format would you like to see information presented?

Resource library

Mail outs


Website/community access only


Fact sheets (simplified)

Monthly updates

Open house/information sessions


PowerPoint presentations

Get youth more involved

(i.e.: school presentations)

Educate the community/build



If Pic River First Nation were to move on to negotiating a settlement of the Land Claim, what would this settlement look like?


Should NOT give individuals any

money, land, etc.

This is not our land to sell. It

belongs to past and future

generations. We will pay for it in

the long run if we take the cash

individual. Provides only temporary


Should be kept in trust to take care

of future generations when there

will be no status benefits available.

Should be doing this already for

kids without status.

Does it matter what we say, the

band does whatever they want

with the money.

Proposals should include who,

what, when, where and why.

Use the money to establish self

government. No more



Are you aware of the “Duty to consult and, if necessary, accommodate?”

How often are you prepared to be involved in community consultations sessions?

Top answers given:

Whenever I’m available/

as often as necessary20%

Once a month7%

Would like to attend, participate,

get involved 6%

Once every three months 4%


*based on matching or similar answers given. Some respondents left it blank.

detailed breakdown of suggestions

Comprehensive website

Detailed breakdown of suggestions:

What are some of your ideas to encourage community involvement in consultation sessions?


Draws, prizes for attendance

and/or participation

Providing refreshments or food

Door Prizes


Work with smaller group sizes

Open meetings, email mailing


Guest speakers


Target the youth population

Educate our people, politicians

and media

Transportation services for those


Door to door

Public invites, expressing


Coffee/Tea Social

  • Print:
  • Improve and increase advertisements on the community channel
  • External bulletins
  • Reminder notices
  • Electronic:
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Facebook page
  • Comprehensive website
goals objectives
Goals & Objectives

Lands and Resources Department – 5 year goals

Based on a compilation of input from community members during the strategic planning sessions, here are 3 broad objectives that were generated from the results.

Over the next 5 years, the Lands and Resources department will strive to exceed and excel in each of these key areas.

  • Relationship Building
  • Community Awareness
  • and Education
  • Community Engagement and
  • Involvement
goals objectives 1

Relationship Building

  • The Lands and Resources Department will continue to
  • build upon the positive relationships with third party
  • interests currently operating and those who wish to
  • operate in the future.
  • The Lands and Resources Department will develop a
  • relationship with Pic River First Nation community
  • members, elders and youth.
  • The Lands and Resources Department will foster a
  • stronger working relationship with all other
  • departments within the Pic River First Nation
  • organization.
goals objectives 2
Goals & Objectives #2

Community Awareness and Education

  • The Lands and Resources Department will provide
  • community members with a monthly fact sheet to
  • highlight ongoing activity of staff members
  • The Lands and Resources Department will host
  • quarterly open house sessions to keep community
  • members well informed of ongoing activity and
  • developments.
  • The Lands and Resources Department will be more
  • involved and engaged in community activities and
  • functions, including school presentations,
  • recreation programs, social services programs, etc.
  • The Lands and Resources Department will develop
  • a comprehensive interactive website to ensure
  • community members both on and off reserve can
  • be well informed and aware of the latest
  • development in Lands and Resources.
goals objectives 3
Goals & Objectives #3

Community Engagement and Involvement

  • The Lands and Resources Department will develop
  • a traditional territory monitoring program which
  • encourages community members to be more
  • actively involved in understanding developments
  • within our traditional territory.
  • The Lands and Resources Department will engage
  • the community in comprehensive land use
  • mapping – using the previously gathered
  • traditional land use and occupancy data collected
  • in 1993 and 2005.
  • The Lands and Resources Department will provide
  • leadership and become a resource for any Land
  • and/or Resource based committees initiated by
  • the department or by community members
  • (ie: Mouth of the Pic Committee, Land Claim
  • Committee, etc.)

Additional comments/suggestions:

This information was gathered in November 2008, during the Pic River First Nation strategic planning session as part of the Administration survey distributed to community members. All information was compiled and organized by the Lands and Resources Assistant, Juanita Starr, for community information purposes and to assist with the Strategic Planning Initiative for the Lands and Resources department.

  • Need to measure the success of programs, projects and
  • reporting procedures
  • The suggested committee should not be made up of
  • band councilors.
  • More community members need to be involved ie: Youth,
  • Elders
  • Should be more focused with the community because
  • this feels like this “fight” is not for the community.
  • (Comment based on the Land Claim)
  • There should be more involvement from the community
  • regarding the Land Claim.