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PTAN9 Series washer Service Tips

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PTAN9 Series washer Service Tips - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PTAN9 Series washer Service Tips. The issue listed here are for the most common failures, they are not the only possible failures so more diagnosis may be required.

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ptan9 series washer service tips

PTAN9 Series washerService Tips

The issue listed here are for the most common failures, they are not the only possible failures so more diagnosis may be required.

This does not replace the service manual available on tech site but guides you quickly on where to begin.

Compiled by Les Lord June 2012

error codes
Error codes
  • F0 Motor Stalled Deep Rinse, Wash, Rinse lights flashing

This code is caused when the speed sensor does not register high enough rpm when motor is supposed to be running, This does not mean the motor is not running at all. Below are a few things you will want to look for first.

  • Clothes between the tubs jamming the tub or slowing down the spin. This can also cause an F1, F5, or F7
  • Bad speed sensor or broken wire on sensor, Look for roughly 39K OHMS between black and white wire with Infinity in reverse polarity. This is temperature sensitive and reading will be lower as the sensor warms up. The sensor is available separate from the motor.
  • Belt to loose or to tight can also cause this error, you should have about ½ inch of play when squeezing the 2 sides together. Magnets missing from the pulley and fan assembly. In addition you could just have a bad motor or capacitor or board. If the obvious are not present follow diagnostics as laid out in service manual.
motor sensor view
Motor Sensor View

Speed sensor and wires

View with fan removed, sensor picks up RPM from magnet mounted on fan


F2 No Drain Deep Rinse, Wash lights flashing

  • The first place you want to look is clothes in the pump, Loose or damaged wires at pump. Once you confirm power to the pump dismount it by removing the 3 screws holding it to the tub to check for items lodged in the impellor. You can also do this to dislodge items between tubs if they are located in this area rather then removing inner basket.



In shipping the packing is used to prevent tub movement, this can sometime knock the wires from the pump while uncrating, tape has been added to hold the wires in place but is not always successful.


F3 No Fill Deep rinse and wash lights flashing

  • The first thing you want to look at here is the pressure hose and that both water valves are turned on. Ensure both hot and cold are on. Lift machine cover and inspect pressure hose between switch and tub top, look for signs of rubbing (holes are not always obvious). If no signs are present reinforce this area with fiber or electrical tape to ensure it doesn’t happen.
  • The pressure switch is not a bellows switch so blowing into it will not tell you anything. You can test this at the board at pin 6, you will read 0 DC Volts on empty climbing to 2.10 on full between terminals 1 & 2 with the harness connected. Switch failures have been rare.

Reinforce this section of pressure hose with tape

Reinforce this section of the pressure hose


When coming upon a unit that has been leaking there are a number of points to check.

The first being the dispenser cover assembly. (rack assembly) and it’s hose connections.

  • Apply silicone seal (part # RTV102) in the 3 outside groves.

Whenever servicing these machines it is advisable to remove the rack assembly pictured above and place a thin bead of silicone or other sealant in the grove on the outer edge of assembly.

Note: Be careful to avoid over gluing as this will impair drawer movement. (keep silicone inside grooves) Do this even with the new assembly that has the gasket along the back edge.

  • Add silicone around thermister (Sensor)
  • Replace the wire spring clamps with gear clamps as shown.

Another place to look for a leak is the tub seal.

Leaking at the tub seal will require changing the transmission.

(refer to service manual for transmission instructions).

There have been issues with removal of the inner tub, I have found that even lifting

pressure on both sides of the tub will make this simpler. Unfortunately this requires 2

sets of hands making it a 2 man job at this point. We are currently looking at other

options for this issue.

This is an obvious sign of seal leak, very loud bearing noise will follow, always replace the seal with the transmission even if no leak was present.

Note: The brown showing is water staining not oil.

tub removal
Tub Removal

2 Men lifting straight up with even pressure will prevent the tub binding on the shaft


There have been a lot of complaints of excessive shaking, a lot of these issue are load related.

The easiest way to tell is whether the unit shakes when empty.

Make sure unit is level side to side and suspension rods are working freely.

If this all checks out replace the balance ring on top of the spin basket, ensure it goes on

evenly from side to side and tighten screws in a cross motion as you would a car tire.

Damage caused by unit not level, right side lower than left side. Styrofoam pad worn through from tub hitting it

Balance Ring