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Charlotte County Public Schools 2009-2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Charlotte County Public Schools 2009-2010

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Charlotte County Public Schools 2009-2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Charlotte County Public Schools 2009-2010
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  1. Charlotte County Public Schools 2009-2010 SUMMARY OF SCHOOL YEAR ACCOMPLISHMENTS


  3. Increased number of HQ teachers (96.46%!) VSBA “GREEN” School Recognition Ended critical budget year with a surplus (returned $ to BOS) Effectively managed reduction in force Pre-Labor Day waiver approval Successful transition of 2 new administrators Revised calendar for non-instructional days-increased collaboration time for teachers Job descriptions for all positions Significant decrease in expulsion recommendations and discipline referrals Successful transition to StarBase student information system Increase in “GREEN” activities at all schools Electronic student records Extended supports to employees impacted by RIF New teacher evaluation format Retirement incentive program Extensive evaluation and transition to new health insurance carrier Personnel and Administration

  4. ALL students but 1 received required verified credits for graduation 312 Perfect SOL Scores! (Increase over last year!) On-time graduation rate exceeded state average-89.01% (5 year rate) BDES & EES received Gov’s Awards PES/JMJ received Gov’s Excellence Award All schools accredited Successful “buy in” of CAG urgency and planning Interactive Achievement-transition to electronic benchmark testing Increased emphasis on CWTs Numerous grade levels and teachers with 100% pass rates Instruction • Significant decrease in 9th grade failures • ELC published book • EES Blue Ribbon School nomination • TJC-85% graduates either f/t employed or SVCC • Successful 1st year of AP Grant • Increased parent involvement • Merger of Gov’s School and Pre-Engineering program • Increased CA$HE activities • Maximized use of TDT programs • FLIP camera implementation • 2 Year implementation of bullying prevention program (8 Administrators to LU class) • 99% graduates to college or work!

  5. Increased use of instructional technology INTEL teacher trainers Saturday remediation India presentations in all schools Superintendent partnership with LU to redesign teacher preparation program 3 teachers-American Teaching Fellows 2 teachers appointed to DOE SOL Review teams Fully updated curriculum maps Effectively managed federal stimulus funds Establishment of teacher HERO leaders Administered College and Career Readiness assessment to 9th & 12th Paid coverage for non-instructional assignments-allowed for more staff development and building level collaboration Instruction (Continued)

  6. Operations-Transportation • Decreased student discipline on buses significantly (uniform bus code of conduct-5 year study-41% decrease elementary; 39% decrease middle; 35% decrease high school!!!) • Considerable cost saving strategies implemented • Decreased fuel consumption • Conversion to digital bus cameras (Stimulus $$$) • Another accident-free year! • 3rd Place in regional transportation Rodeo, hosted locally this year!

  7. Operations-Maintenance • Increased emphasis on energy efficiency and cost savings in all buildings • New well for watering ball fields • New driveway at JMJ • New sound system at CMS • Increased preventative maintenance focus as a result of budget crisis • Customer service focus in spite of reductions in staffing and maintenance funding

  8. ELC International Partnership with LU (Bob the Bear book published)! Continued oversight of emergency preparedness planning Learn and Serve Grant partnership with ELC & RH Successful plan development for H1N1 Successfully merged duties of federal programs director with finance director position Full scale emergency drill at ELC (parent reunification) Federal Programs

  9. Increased use of Share Point (teacher sites) Significant instructional integration: MAC Books, Promethean Boards, FLIP Cameras, Podcasts, etc… Wireless in all schools except ELC Voice-Over IP-all schools except RH and SBO Increased utilization of promethean boards School ITRTs INTEL certified teacher trainers in all buildings Began technology committee Increased use of CCPS ITRTs division-wide Skype partnership with teachers from Mira Model School in India Technology

  10. Increased inclusion & participation in general education curriculum Much improved VGLAs Improved AYP performance of special education population Expanded dual enrollment offerings for gifted at RH Day Treatment Programs in 6 schools Expanded diploma options and transition services for special education students Increased collaboration with positive outcomes Increased enrichment for gifted through 21st Century Learning Grant Exceptional Programs

  11. Finance and Food Services • Money RETURNED to BOS during worst budget year yet! Successfully implemented 2 budget cuts within fiscal year. • Successful merging of Finance Director and Federal Programs Director positions • Significant increased accountability in fiscal management • Very strategic and successful system of monitoring and budget development considering economic environment • Increased emphasis on nutritional balance and environmental factors in food service • Successful second year of contracted food service with Aramark-reconciled deficit from 1st year through increased participation! • Growing catering service-potential for increased revenue • Successfully managed fiscal agency of Govs. School, Virtual Va., and NCLB Office • Great audit results again • 3 Lunch shifts at RHHS

  12. 09/10 Organizational Goals • Strategic Plan for “Closing the Global Achievement Gap” (MET) • Established baseline data using the College and Work Readiness Assessment at RH (MET-presently evaluating results) • Increased CWTs and reflections targeting higher level activities (MET) • Development of video library of best practice teaching and “look-fors” for use with instructional leadership reflection and teacher professional development (NOT MET-ONGOING) • After School Program for RHHS (NOT MET-ONGOING) • Pre-Labor Day waiver approval from BOE (MET) • Preparedness for continued State shortfall (MET) • H1N1 Readiness and Instructional Plan (MET) • Increased regional partnerships and cost saving measures (ONGOING) • Accreditation and AYP for all schools (MET)

  13. 10/11 Organizational Goals HEROES FOR ZEROS • ZERO absences for staff and students • ZERO suspensions without instructional continuity • ZERO classrooms without rigor and 21st Century skills • ZERO employees without a positive attitude and spirit of collaboration and teamwork