urbanization and the new immigrants n.
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Urbanization and the New Immigrants PowerPoint Presentation
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Urbanization and the New Immigrants

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Urbanization and the New Immigrants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Urbanization and the New Immigrants . Main Idea Industrialization and immigration, mostly from southern and eastern Europe –caused American cities to grow rapidly. Why It Matters Now Modern America city life first emerged during this period, immigrants helped shape American culture.

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urbanization and the new immigrants
Urbanization and the New Immigrants

Main Idea

Industrialization and immigration, mostly from southern and eastern Europe –caused American cities to grow rapidly.

Why It Matters Now

Modern America city life first emerged during this period, immigrants helped shape American culture.

ca standard
CA Standard
  • 8.12.1 Trace patterns of agricultural and industrial development as they relate to climate, use of natural resources, markets, and trade and locate such development on a map.
  • 8.12.6 Discuss child labor, working conditions, and laissez-faire policies toward big business and examine the labor movements, including its leaders (e.g., Samuel Gompers), its demand for collective bargaining, and its strikes and protests over labor conditions.

8.12.7 Identify the new sources of large scale immigration and the contributions of immigrants to the building of cities and the economy; explain the ways in which new social and economic patterns encouraged assimilation of newcomers into the mainstream amidst growing cultural diversity; and discuss the new wave of nativism.

  • 8.12.9 Name the significant inventors and their inventions and identify how they improved the quality of life (e.g., Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville and Wilbur Wright.
daily guided questions
Daily Guided Questions
  • What were the causes and effects of the rapid growth of cities?
  • What were the different reasons immigrants came to the United States?
  • How was the experience of immigrants both positive and negative?
do now
Do Now
  • You will be given 3 minutes to write a response to a question.
  • If you were moving to a different country and were only allowed to take a suitcase of items, what would you take and why?
do now ii
Do Now II
  • You will then be given 3 minutes to respond to this question,
  • Same question, but it is 1902.
  • The growth of cities due to the movement of people from rural (farm, country) areas to cities.
  • Due to new types of work and immigration.
expanding cities
Expanding Cities
  • New forms of transportation.

-Subways, streetcars, and elevated trains.

  • Steel bridges allowed the growth of suburbs.

-Living areas on the outskirts of the cities.

  • New Steel Skyscrapers.

-Steel and electricity.


urban problems
Urban Problems
  • Overcrowding.
  • Disease.

-Filthy streets, bad sewage system, and lack of clean water.

  • Fire.

-Chicago Fire of 1871.

-San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

-Most structures made of wood.

  • Buildings divided into many tiny apartments.
  • Many of these buildings called slums.
  • Poor lived.
improving city life
Improving City Life
  • Streetlights, fire, sanitation, and police departments.
  • Social Gospel= Movement to improve the lives of the poor.

-Mother Cabrini= Nun set up hospitals and clinics.

-Salvation Army= Minister provided food, clothing, and shelter.

settlement houses
Settlement Houses
  • Center offering help to the poor.
  • Jane Addams opens Hull House in Chicago, 1889.

-Taught immigrants to speak English.

-Sponsored music and sporting events.

-Job Training.

city planning
City Planning
  • Frederick Law Olmstead planned Central Park, 1850 in New York.
  • Parks, zoos, gardens, museums, theaters, etc.
  • Department Stores.

-One stop shopping.

  • Sport Events.

-Baseball, basketball, boxing, and tennis.

  • Importance of leisure time.
new immigrants
New Immigrants
  • 1865-1915, 25 million immigrants came into the country.

-Southern and eastern Europe.

-Asia and Latin America.

  • Seek economic opportunities
  • Escaping political and religious persecution.

-Pogroms=Violence against Jews.

new life
New Life
  • Most travelled in cramped compartments of ships called the steerage.
  • Most arrived at Ellis Island (east coast) or Angel Island (west coast).

-Physical and mental examinations.

  • Lived in ethnic neighborhoods.
  • Process of becoming part of another culture.

-Children quickly learned the language and ways of Americans.

  • Melting Pot= blending of cultures
  • Helped build modern America.

-Worked in mills, factories, mines, meatpacking plants, sweatshops, etc.

-Built skyscrapers, subways, bridges, and railroads.

  • Opened small businesses.
  • Famous Immigrants.
  • Preserve the U.S. for native born Americans.
  • Didn’t think immigrants could assimilate to Amer. culture.
  • Took Amer. Jobs.
  • Violent



  • Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882.
  • Literacy Tests.
six c s
Six C’s
  • Read and analysis Emma Lazarus sonnet, The New Colossus.
  • Fill out the graphic organizer about the reading.
  • Content (What is it describing, use details)
  • Citation (Who, how many, when?)
  • Context (What is going around in the country at this time period)
  • Connections (Give a brief history)
  • Communication (What is the POV, bias, & reliability?)
  • Conclusions (How does it help in your learning?)
immigrant postcard
Immigrant Postcard
  • Pretend you are a recent immigrant to the United States, create a postcard you are sending to family somewhere in southern or eastern Europe.
  • On your postcard;
  • Tell them you miss them (where are you from?)
  • Describe your trip to the U.S. and the hardships they have endured since arriving.
  • Describe your culture shock and your plans for the future.
  • Try to convince family members to come to America.
  • The front side must have a picture or drawing.
  • You should have a rough draft written in your notebooks.
study guide pg 224
Study Guide pg. 224
  • Copy and complete the Study Guide on pg. 224.
  • Use your notes and textbook pages 494-498 to finish.
  • You have the rest of the period.