The iowa experience human resources as a strategic business partner
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The Iowa Experience: Human Resources as a Strategic Business Partner - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Iowa Experience: Human Resources as a Strategic Business Partner. Mollie K. Anderson, Director Iowa Department of Administrative Services For the International Personnel Management Association October 1, 2004. Why Did You Choose HR? . Why did you get into HR?

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The iowa experience human resources as a strategic business partner

The Iowa Experience:Human Resources as a Strategic Business Partner

Mollie K. Anderson, Director

Iowa Department of Administrative Services

For the International Personnel Management Association

October 1, 2004

Why did you choose hr
Why Did You Choose HR?

  • Why did you get into HR?

  • How long have you been in this field?

  • Where do you want this profession to take you?

What an hr professional is
What an HR Professional Is

  • The systemizing, policing arm of executive management

  • An advocate for employees

  • Strategic business partner for customers

  • A champion for change

The primary hr goal
The Primary HR Goal

  • Get the right person…

  • With the right skills…

  • Into the right job…

  • With the right supervision to meet performance expectations and …

  • Add value to the organization.

The primary hr questions
The Primary HR Questions

  • How do you attract and retain quality employees?

  • How can you become a strategic partner with your customers?

  • How do you improve productivity and ROI?

  • What issues affect employers’ ability to meet company goals?

Hr challenges today
HR Challenges Today

  • Changing employee demographics and needs

  • More competition for a skilled workforce

  • Focus shifting from regulation to service

  • Demand for customized service

  • The need to support desired business outcomes and affect the bottom line

The iowa experience
The Iowa Experience

  • Department of Administrative Services combined 3 ½ agencies in 2003

  • Adopted the entrepreneurial management concepts of strategist David Osbourne

  • Four goals: Improve customer service, save money, streamline, and use resources in a more flexible manner.

  • Unique financing approach

Entrepreneurial management
Entrepreneurial Management

  • A customer-focused (NOT program focused) approach…

  • To delivering services (NOT running a program)…

  • In a competitive marketplace (NOT a monopoly.)

How das is set up in iowa
How DAS is Set Up in Iowa

  • A complement of infrastructure and facilities services, including full range of HR functions

  • Each fee-based operation covers its costs

  • Customer Councils set utility rates

  • ‘Rowing and steering’ functions separated

  • Moving toward one-stop shopping model

What das started with
What DAS Started With

  • Traditional financial infrastructure

  • ‘Old’ agencies without legislative champions

  • Thirty percent budget cuts over three previous fiscal years

  • Highly tenured, program-focused employees

  • Grumpy, uneducated customers

What das has done
What DAS Has Done

  • Passed enabling legislation

  • Developed fee-based financing models, determined service costs, and reduced cross-subsidized ‘drug deals’

  • Adopted an internal shared services model

  • Established and empowered customer councils

What das is doing now
What DAS Is Doing Now

  • Refining financing and legislative framework

  • Eliminating silos between merged agencies

  • Engineering a culture change

  • Re-motivating employees with training and incentives

The iowa approach to hr
The Iowa Approach to HR

  • Define internal and external customers

  • Know your customer(s) and their business(es)

  • Know your business goals and what it takes to achieve them

Setting hr priorities
Setting HR Priorities

  • Know your customers’ (internal and external) priorities

  • Understand the financial risk

  • Evaluate the potential for improvement

How to create a compelling picture for action
How to Create a Compelling Picture for Action

  • Do your homework and be prepared to tell your story

  • Identify risks of inaction

  • Know the impact on financing and productivity

How to get your own team on board
How to Get Your Own Team On Board

  • Lay out clear expectations

  • Use a customer service representative model and service delivery agreements

  • Use performance evaluations and reward programs

Example workers comp
Example: Workers Comp

  • Start with the viewpoint that people are the face of government

  • Tell the story simply, using the numbers

  • Define the risk (financial, productivity) if no action is taken

How to get invited to the decision making table
How to Get Invited to the Decision Making Table

  • Connect with customer goals—save money, streamline processes, etc.

  • Know your business—and your customers’ business

  • Articulate a compelling story

  • Follow up!

What role does communication play
What Role Does Communication Play?

  • Start with research—know the facts

  • Tell your story in a compelling, understandable way

  • The ‘visual identity’ concept works

  • Repeat, repeat, repeat

Use the tools
Use the Tools

  • For the basics, an FAQ

  • Annual reports

  • Newsletters or bulletins

  • Crisp financial results

What you can measure
What You Can Measure

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Financial goals

  • Grievances

  • Processing time

  • Turnover/retention

The bottom line
The Bottom Line

  • Watch the people who have leveraged their HR expertise to move ahead.

  • HR is no longer just a knowledge game—you must be able to apply what you know.

  • You must be able to listen, evaluate and persuade.

What you can do to develop your skills and career
What You Can Do to Develop Your Skills and Career

  • Education

  • Write and talk

  • Use associations and seminars

  • Move around in HR specialties and to career opportunities

  • Cross-functional teams

  • Look for emerging issues

Lessons learned a recap
Lessons Learned—a Recap

  • Be proactive, not reactive

  • Know your customers and your business

  • Do your homework

  • Learn from others when you can

  • Be concise and clear

  • Keep current on emerging issues

  • Get involved in HR organizations

  • Sometimes you have to move

  • You can’t go it alone

Question and answers visit the das website http www das iowa gov
Question and AnswersVisit the DAS website,