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The Civil War

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The Civil War. The Civil War Begins Part One. Call to Arms. President Lincoln believed that the Confederate state had no right to leave the Union He vowed to preserve the nation and carry out the law and the land in all states. Call to Arms.

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the civil war

The Civil War

The Civil War Begins Part One

call to arms
Call to Arms
  • President Lincoln believed that the Confederate state had no right to leave the Union
  • He vowed to preserve the nation and carry out the law and the land in all states
call to arms1
Call to Arms
  • On April 12, 1861, Confederate troops attacked Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, starting the Civil War
    • The Union surrendered at Fort Sumter
    • Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to help put down the rebellion
    • In response, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina seceded from the Union

Attack on Fort Sumter, 1861

call to arms2
Call to Arms
  • Thousands of Texas joined the Confederacy immediately
      • Texas troops joined regiments-units of about 1,000 soldiers from their hometowns
        • Terry’s Texas Rangers- a cavalry unit organized by B.F. Terry
        • Hood’s Texas Brigade- under the command of John Bell Hood, became a lead unit in the Army of Northern Virginia
        • Ross Texas Brigade-headed by Lawrence Ross, fought in Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Reunion of Terry’s Texas Rangers

call to arms3
Call to Arms
  • Texas contributed many officers to the Confederacy
    • Albert Sidney Johnston was the second highest ranking officer in the army
  • About 2,000 Texas Unionists, including African and Mexican Americans fought for the Union
    • James Throckmorton of Collin County became a brigadier general for the Union
    • Many Unionists who did not want to fight for either side left Texas

Albert Sidney Johnston

James Throckmorton

texas on the attack
Texas on the Attack
  • The confederacy’s first objective was to overtake Union garrison’s and supplies
  • Many of the Texas troops were ill-equipped, reporting with a variety of weapons, uniforms, and supplies
  • Texans launched a preventative strike on Union forces in New Mexico
    • The New Mexico campaign failed and was abandoned in July 1862
texas on the attack1
Texas on the Attack
  • In February, 1861, the Texas government moved to seize federal property
    • A force surrounded the commander’s headquarters in San Antonio
    • The commander surrendered and the Texas Militia captured more than $1 million in military supplies

Confederate forces attacking.