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Sridhara Potluri

Sridhara Potluri

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Sridhara Potluri

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  1. How to install and run Drupal? Sridhara Potluri

  2. Drupal: This is a typical installation on Windows Operating System The installation process is very similar to other Operating Systems like Mac & Linux

  3. Drupal installation from stack: Please open the “Drupal Package” folder of you Flash Drive. Choose the suitable version of the Drupal stack compatible with your OS. Double click on it to open the installation dialogue. All stacks are form and downloaded and used here for convenience.

  4. Choose a Drupal stack: • Depending on the type of OS you have, you have to choose the stack. • For windows OS you have to choose ‘bitnami-drupal-6.15-0-windows-installer.exe’ file from the ‘Drupal package’ folder. • On a typical Windows Operating system, when you click on “bitnami-drupal-6.15-0-windows-installer.exe “ file. It starts the installation process looks similar to this. • Click on Next button

  5. Installation: Click on Next again

  6. Installation: In the next window, you can choose an installation folder For windows: inside ‘Program Files’ For Mac: inside ‘Applications’

  7. Installation: You can give a name to the installation folder, if it does not exist the system will create one.

  8. Installation: After you choose the installation folder you click on Next Some times it will ask you for MySQL and Apache Server Ports. Here are the default ports for MySQL and Apache: MySQL: 3306 Apache :8080 If the ports are occupied You can choose other Port numbers.. Caution: You have to remember the port no.s

  9. Installation: Next you have to provide your user information. Please remember your credentials.

  10. Installation: This is an example, You have to provide the user name and password, real name and email similarly. After you finish entering information please click on Next button

  11. Installation: Now the setup is ready. If you see this window, you are good and ready to install the Drupal stack.

  12. Installation: You can see the Drupal stack in unpacking and installing the components.

  13. Installation: You may have to unblock the MySQL and Apache programs if prompted. This installation process is almost at the end.

  14. Installation: The Bitnami Drupal Stack has been installed. Now when you click on finish, in the browser the Drupal site is launched.

  15. Installation: The Bitnami Drupal Stack has been installed. Now when you click on finish, in the browser the Drupal site is launched. Click on “Access BitNami Drupal 6 Stack”.

  16. Installation: Drupal is successfully installed. Now you can use your username and password (which you entered during the installation process) to login.