Insta insure family floater
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Insta Insure – Family Floater. 3 Easy Steps - Pick, tick, so quick!. What do you do when you came across a customer who wants one SI covering the whole family Lower SI and competitive Premium Immediate activation of policy No medical test Sell Insta Insure…. Benefits.

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Insta insure family floater

Insta Insure – Family Floater

3 Easy Steps - Pick, tick, so quick!

Insta insure family floater


  • A single family floater policy to cover hospitalization expenses & personal accident benefit

  • Hassle free policy, Health & PA cover for Healthy individuals without any history of pre-existing diseases.

  • The cover starts once the unique authentication number is activated

  • Income tax benefit on the premium paid as per section 80D

  • No medical tests up to 45 yrs( Subject to clean proposal)

  • Access to over 2400 hospitals for cashless facility

Insta insure family floater


  • 1 lac family floater cover towards Hospitalization expenses & 1 lac death cover for the proposer

  • The policy covers ambulance charges in case of emergency subject to a maximum of Rs 1000.

  • 130 day care procedures subject to terms and conditions

  • Pre-existing diseases covered after 4 year continuous renewals with us

  • A flat benefit of 2% of admissible hospitalization expenses towards pre and post hospitalization medical expenses

Insta insure family floater


  • Pre existing diseases covered after four years if the policy is continuously

    renewed with us.

  • Two year year waiting period applicable for certain diseases like

    Cataract, Hernia, Dysfunctional Uterine bleeding, stones in Urinary

    and Biliary systems, Congenital Internal diseases.

  • Waiting period for the first 30 days except in case of hospitalization

    due to accident.

  • Joint replacement surgery is excluded for the first four consecutive years unless such joint replacement surgery is necessitated by accidental bodily injury.

  • Dental Treatment, general Debility, congenital external disease , sterility, sterilization or Infertility

  • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities.

Insta insure family floater



  • Circumcision ,Laser Treatment for correction of eye sight, Cosmetic and aesthetic treatment ,cost of spectacles ,contacts lens, hearing aids etc.

  • Treatment of any mental or psychiatric illness, treatment related to weight reduction programmes including treatment of Obesity

  • Any sexually transmitted diseases, any syndrome or condition of

    a similar kind commonly referred to as AIDS.

  • Experimental , unproven or non standard treatment, Non allopathic treatment.

  • Treatment arising from or traceable to Pregnancy and childbirth

    including caesarian section and/ or any treatment related to

    pre and post natal care.

  • Self afflicted Injuries or conditions , use or misuse of any drugs &


Insta insure family floater


1Accidental bodily injury:

  • through suicide, attempted suicide or self inflicted injury or illness.

  • while under influence of liquor or drugs

  • through deliberate or intentional, unlawful or criminal act, error, or omission

  • aviation or ballooning, -

  • participating as the driver, co-driver or passenger of a motor vehicle during motor racing or trial runs.

  • result of curative treatments or interventions carried out

  • participation in any naval, military or air force operations whether in the form of military exercises or actual war

    2 Your consequential losses of any kind or your actual or alleged legal liability

    3 Venereal or sexually transmitted diseases.

    4 HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

    5 Pregnancy, resulting childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, or complications arising out of any of these.

    6 War (Whether declared or not)

    7Nuclear energy, radiation

Underwriting guidelines
Underwriting Guidelines

  • Underwriting on completed age basis.

  • Eligible age for proposer is 18 yrs .

  • Dependent children can be covered from 3 months up to 25 years of age.

  • Children between 3 months to 18 years can be covered only if both parents are covered.

  • Standalone proposals for self only can be accepted, subject to age of proposer (self) being 18 yrs – 45 yrs.

  • Entry Age is restricted to 45 yrs and can be continuously renewed up to 70 years.

  • In case of positive declaration , the kit should not be filled up /opened

  • In case the Kit has been opened , and it is noticed that there is a positive declaration on the proposal form then the Kit would be rejected and the premium should be refunded . The proposal should be routed further for medical uw only.( as given below )

Underwriting guidelines contd
Underwriting Guidelines, Contd

  • A proposal form(as attached) specially designed for cases wherein there is a positive declaration should be filled . These proposal forms should be referred to nearest office., which would be referred to HAT for underwriting. If tests are advised the charges to be borne by the proposer.

  • CB and renewal discount not applicable for this product.

  • Loading on Claims:

    Loading will be applicable on policies where there are 3 claims (paid) or more in previous three years with total amount exceeding Rs 50,000/-. The applicable loading would be 50%. This would be applied on the policy and not on individual basis being a floater policy . Loading will be applicable considering the expiring policies (consecutive 3 years) and will be applicable fresh at every renewal.

  • Renewals:

    In case of our own renewals a grace period of 7 days is permissible in cases where proper justification is given by the insured for delay in renewal.. In such cases the following wordings to appear “Any claim as a result of disease/ conditions contracted during the break period stands excluded”.

  • In case of other company renewals continuity would not be passed.

Policy activation process
Policy Activation Process

There are two ways to Activate Kit for OTC

  • Activate KIT through SMS

  • Here user will send an SMS to 9223055858 in the following format

  • <<OTC>> space <<10digit mobile number of the client>> space <<kit number>>

  • space <<self name of the client/proposer>> space <<Health Card number>>

  • System shall activate the Kit number and send a reply SMS with the activation code to

    the following mobile numbers

  • 1. Reply to the same mobile number from where request originated

  • 2. Reply to the mobile number mentioned in the SMS

  • 3. Reply to the Relationship Manager

Policy activation process1
Policy Activation Process

2)Activate Kit through Call centre

  • Distributor (IMD) can call to our Call Centre or Branch Office and give following details and Activate the KIT.

  • KIT Number

    b) Health Card No

    c) Customer Name

    d) Customer Mobile No

    e) Caller's Mobile No

  • After activation system shall send a SMS with the activation code to the following

    mobile numbers

    1. To the customer mobile number

    2. To the Relationship Manager mapped to the distributor for the sold KIT

    3. To the caller's mobile no (Mobile No. from where the request come for KIT


  • To the distributor's mobile no.

Claims procedure


Empanelled Hospital

Present Card

Register Claim with Bajaj Allianz

24 hr helpline:for cashless


Non-Empanelled Hospital

Insured Makes

Payment Directly

Send Claim Form

+ all hospitalization documents to Bajaj Allianz-HAT for reimbursement

Claims Procedure

Contact us
Contact Us

  • Toll Free Number :

  • 1 – 800 – 225858(Free call from BSNL/MTNL lines only)

  • Or 1 – 800 – 1025858(Free call from Bharati users – mobile/landline

    lines only) Or 020 – 30305858

  • EmailL:

  • Web:

Insta insure family floater

Where to Prospect?

F - Friends

R - Relatives

I – Individuals known

E - Enterprises

N - Neighbors

D – Direct calls

S – Social circle

Insta insure family floater

  • How to sell?

  • Start the conversation with Health scenario

  • Discuss with Health Guard in mind

  • Look out for 4 indicators to sell Insta Insure

    • Customer wants a family floater

    • Customer wants lower sum insured and lower premium

    • Customer is ready to buy immediately

    • Customer otherwise would take long time to decide

Insta insure family floater

  • Points to pitch:

  • Family Floater

  • Instantaneous purchase and immediate activation

  • No medical tests

  • Health Insurance and Personal Accident cover in one

  • Lower SI and lower premium rates

Insta insure family floater


- Mock calls – Practice selling the product

- Market Visit – Lets go out in the market and

try selling to real customers