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The A to Z of HR Training

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The A to Z of HR Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The human Resources department is essentially the backbone of any office and an important part of corporate culture these days. Read more.

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The human Resources department is essentially the backbone of any office and an important part of

corporate culture these days. Often heard of as human relations department, it oversees and guides

a few important functions in any organisational structure.

What is the purpose of a human resource department?

While the common misconception of a human resource department is that it oversees the hiring and

training of new employees, there are many other functions that include streamlining processes in

the company and serving as the medium between the management and the employee. The human

resource development focuses on framing the company policies and also handling corporate

disputes within the organisations. Additional functions include keeping the employees updated on

certain laws that include personal safety and discrimination.

Why is training necessary

Already having established that HR is an important part of any organisation, it is also essential that

both employees and managers get the necessary training.

For employees

Must understand the importance of a human resource development in regulating the


Must know the right laws of the organisation and the common disputes that might arise

Must be able to adapt themselves to the special laws particular to the organisation

For Managers

Must be able to understand common problems and mediate solutions

Must not favour any person / management

Must focus on the right way to solve common issues within the organisation

Must be able to mediate with minimal compromises

Significance of HR Training

HR Training is important for selecting, interviewing and hiring new employees. A HR department

employee must train themselves in the acumen of the right process and be able to filter the right

candidates for the various vacancies in the organisation.

The HR Training focuses on the right questions to ask, and evaluate the candidate based on the

responses. Training must also include the nuances of the screening process. It advises the trainee on

the right questions to ask and the questions to avoid (including really personal questions or those

about religion that are irrelevant to the functioning in the organisation)

Function of HR Training

The human resource department frames the company policies, and issues constant

pamphlets about the policies of the company including those related to harassment,


The HR department must learn about the training methods of the company they work for so

they can choose the proper training for the new recruits.

HR Training includes learning how to train new employees about the email and voicemail for

communication inside the office


The human resource (relation) department is focused on improved employee performance and also

manages employee satisfaction. HR trainers also are important people who mediate all employees

and serve as a common medium between the top brass. Every HR employee must be trained to

know the right decisions to take and the best things to do for the welfare of the organisation.

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